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4 Elements for Developing a Mature OT Systems Management Process

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Blog July 22, 2021

Weathering the Deluge of OT Vulnerabilities: A Pragmatic Approach

When infosec media fixates on certain vulnerabilities, it feels like the world is one hack away from absolute chaos. But is it really?

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Blog July 21, 2021

TSA Issues Part II of Pipeline Cyber Security Directives

This new directive was not released publicly, but from our sources, contains significant new requirements for pipeline operators. Instead of simply reporting and assessment requirements, TSA is following a model that we see becoming the norm: specific requirements of protections and remediating actions.

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Blog, Guide July 9, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding OT Security

What is OT security, how does it work, and where should you start when building a robust cyber security program?

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Blog, Guide June 23, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Protecting OT Systems with IEC 62443

This comprehensive collection of standards is laser-focused on industrial controls. Here’s how to make the most of them.

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Blog June 21, 2021

How to Get Started with Vulnerability Management in OT Cyber Security

Vulnerability Management in OT or ICS cyber security is a challenge, but with an actionable strategy and existing IT/ OT cyber security tools, we can make a significant difference.

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Blog June 3, 2021

How to Prevent Ransomware in 2021

Reduce the risk of a ransomware attack with these proven tips for preventing and protecting against OT/ICS ransomware.

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Blog June 1, 2021

Verve Industrial and 1898 & Co. Create Partnership for ICS Risk Management

Verve Industrial Protection is excited to announce our new partnership with 1898 & Co. to deliver full-service risk management and cyber security solutions to our customers in the industrial control system space.

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Blog May 28, 2021

TSA Pipeline Cyber Security Directive is a Strong First Step

Following the ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline, DHS and CISA have released a new Security Directive for critical pipeline operators. More are likely to follow.

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Blog May 27, 2021

How to Manage the Rising Cost of OT Cyber Insurance

Coverage that’s widely available and fairly priced requires insurers and their insured to work together on actionable OT baseline requirements.

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Blog May 26, 2021

In the age of ransomware, CFOs need to reassess their cyber physical security risk

Ransomware-as-a-Service, Cyber Insurance, and IT-OT convergence demonstrate the need for a radical re-imagining of cyber physical security risk by CFOs and Audit Committees

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Blog May 17, 2021

Review: April 2021 NSA Cybersecurity Advisory

Here’s what the NSA got right — and what it missed — in its latest missive on OT/ICS defense.

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Blog May 11, 2021

Verve Industrial and Horizon Controls Partner to Improve Cyber Security in Pharmaceutical Industry

Learn how Verve’s new partnership with Horizon Controls benefits the pharmaceutical industry for industrial security.

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