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Using IEC 62443 to Secure OT Systems: The Ultimate Guide

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Blog April 26, 2023

Reflections on NERC CIP & Power Sector OT Cybersecurity

What can the power industry learn from the evolution of NERC CIP in OT cybersecurity for improved reliability and security?

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Blog March 15, 2023

2022 ICS Advisory Year in Review

As providers of vulnerability management software and services, analyzing the advisories in detail allows us to support our clients in identifying, prioritizing, and remediating or mitigating the risks disclosed therein. As operators, analysis of the advisories supports the development of appropriate security strategies for their environments based on real-world risks.

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Blog May 16, 2024

How to Prevent OT Ransomware Attacks: A Comprehensive Guide

OT ransomware attacks are on the rise. Learn proven strategies to protect your industrial systems, minimize downtime, and recover quickly.

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Blog December 12, 2022

CISA's ICS Advisories - October & November 2022

Amid CISA’s cybersecurity awareness month, Verve researchers analyzed the latest ICS advisories from October & November 2022.

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Blog December 7, 2022

How to Manage the Rising Cost of OT Cyber Insurance

Coverage that’s widely available and fairly priced requires insurers and their insured to work together on actionable OT baseline requirements.

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Blog November 10, 2022

Prioritizing Vulnerability Remediation in OT Cybersecurity

Respond to growing OT vulnerabilities and put CISA’s guidance to improve ICS security into action for critical infrastructure industries.

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Blog October 26, 2022

What is Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security?

Public and private organizations need to adapt their approach to cyber security for critical infrastructure. In this article, we’ll address the bigger risks and challenges associated with these complex environments and cyber-physical systems.

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Blog October 18, 2022

NERC CIP Standards: Safeguarding North America's Power Grid

NERC CIP standards ensure the safety of North America’s Bulk Electric System. They regulate, monitor, and manage the system. Learn more about NERC CIP and what it means for OT/ICS Security.

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Blog October 17, 2022

CISA's ICS Advisories - September 2022

Amid CISA’s cybersecurity awareness month, Verve researchers analyzed the latest ICS advisories from September 2022.

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Blog October 12, 2022

Achieve Vendor Agnostic OT Endpoint Security

OT endpoint management is necessary to protect the world’s critical infrastructure from cyber-related threats. The unique characteristics of these networks, combined with the processes they control, make running traditional endpoint protection solutions very difficult. As a result of these challenges, organizations often see OT endpoint security as too time-consuming or even impossible. However, there is a way to approach endpoint…

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Blog September 15, 2022

CISA’s ICS Advisories – August 2022

To provide more information on the evolving threat landscape for ICS, Verve’s research team analyzed the various ICS advisories and CVEs that were released in August 2022.

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Blog September 6, 2022

Q&A with Rick Kaun: Managing OT Regulatory Requirements

In this Q&A, Rick answers nine questions from our webinar audience about their concerns around preparing for unseen audits, applying OT-safe remediation tactics, and how Verve managed regulatory requirements.

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