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2022 ICS Advisory Year in Review

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Blog July 18, 2024

The OT Visibility Gap: Understanding the Risks and Implementing Solutions

Explore the OT visibility gap in industrial security, its risks, and solutions. Learn how to protect your assets and ensure operational resilience.

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Blog June 20, 2024

5 Practical Strategies to Prepare for the Future of OT Security

Prepare for the future of Operational Technology (OT) security with these five practical strategies. Learn how to enhance your security posture using a programmatic approach, artificial intelligence (AI), automation, secure remote access, and comprehensive asset management.

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What is Operational Technology?

Join the discussion as Verve OT experts as they discuss the definition of Operational Technology (OT), the differences between OT and IT, and the unique challenges of securing industrial control systems in episode 2 of OT After Hours, An OT Security Podcast.

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Blog June 6, 2024

OT Management: Best Practices to Enhance Efficiency and Security

Master OT management and safeguard your industrial operations. Learn essential strategies for asset inventory, patching, allowlisting, backups, and network segmentation to enhance efficiency and fortify your OT environment against cyber threats.

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Podcast May 15, 2024

OT After Hours Episode 1: Why OT Security Matters

Join the OT After Hours podcast as experts dive into why OT security matters, sharing insights, challenges, and real-world examples of industrial cybersecurity.

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How to Prepare for the Future of OT Security

The rapidly evolving OT cybersecurity landscape is threatened by new risks that target critical systems and make organizations more vulnerable than ever.

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Building a Business Case for OT Security | RSA 2024 Interview with Rick Kaun

Learn from Rick Kaun, VP of Solutions at Verve Industrial, how to build a compelling OT security business case with strategies for legacy systems, risk quantification, and scalable security.

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Blog May 8, 2024

Webinar Recap: Strengthening OT Security Through Managed Services

In this webinar recap, we explore how Verve Industrial’s OT security and reliability program leverages managed services, with strategies for tackling threats, regulatory compliance, and data integrity challenges.

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Blog April 29, 2024

OT Network Security in a Connected World

Learn how to protect your OT networks from cyberattacks originating in IT. Discover attacker tactics and essential defense strategies.

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Strengthening OT Security Through Managed Services

Many industrial organizations are lacking enough skilled resources to manage and maintain complex OT environments. To fill this gap, external resources provide the necessary knowledge and experience to scale the security and reliability of OT cyber programs.  

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