Verve’s Configuration Management Software

What is OT/ICS configuration management?

Configuration management includes the initial system hardening and ongoing maintenance of secure configurations. These are critical elements of every security controls standard. 

Configuration management ensures:

  • Only required ports and services are enabled
  • Security settings such as password length, screen locks, Windows firewall, and others are enabled
  • Access rules limit to least privilege
  • Networking equipment is configured to ensure secure communications and authentication
  • And many others

A robust OT/ICS configuration management program includes system hardening to protect devices that may be “insecure by design” through configuring those devices as well as others connected to them for maximum protection. It also includes a comprehensive change management process and monitoring to ensure changes are approved and documented.

Configuration management tasks are relatively straight-forward in IT, but are much more challenging in OT/ICS because of the amount of embedded and proprietary device protocols and interfaces.

Verve Configuration Management brings all of the leading edge capabilities of IT configuration management into OT:

  • Automatic collection of endpoint configuration baselines across traditional IT OS-based devices, Networking devices (traditional and industrial), embedded equipment like PLCs, relays, meters, etc.
  • Configuration hardening for over 25 years on an expansive list of control equipment
  • Integrated change management across IT/OT to simplify monitoring and incident response

Verve OT/ICS Configuration Management

Centralized Data

Aggregate data from remote sites into centralized database for configuration analysis and monitoring

Assess Network Rules

Assess full running configuration on networking devices to identify gaps in segmentation implementation

Change Monitoring

Monitor for changes in configurations to identify potential unplanned changes that pose security risks


Enables system configuration hardening from same platform as assess and monitor

Assess Compliance

Deep assessment to evaluate current configurations against industry and OT/ICS cyber security standards

Deep Visibility

Go direct to the endpoint to gather detailed setting information, not just what can be captured from inspecting traffic

Protective Relay OT/ICS Configuration Management

The Verve Security Center enables comprehensive configuration management of OT-IT systems, even in remote, low-bandwidth networks.

Read how a leading power company leveraged Verve to deploy NERC CIP compliance and improve ICS security at low cost and reduced labor.

Our Customer Success

"The ability to perform passive discovery of hardware and software which can establish a cyber asset inventory from which comparison to a vulnerability database is performed to discover vulnerabilities. This combined with proven experience within Industrial Control Systems is what I like most about Verve Industrial Protection."

Sr. Manager Security Governance & IT Risk, Energy & Utilities

Our Customer Success

“We did a complete competitive analysis and chose Verve. It has allowed us to double our NIST CSF maturity in 18 months.”

Cyber Compliance & Security Specialist, Large Generation & Transmission Co-op

Our Customer Success

“Once Verve detailed their configuration and plan I had full confidence we wouldn’t cause any control system issues. We are even connected to the proprietary Emerson DeltaV switches."

Manager, Real-time Systems @ Large Generation Utility

Cyber Security Compliance Frameworks

As configuration management is a key requirement of all security standards, the Verve Security Center was built by and for OT professionals, providing true endpoint management. It goes beyond alerting, monitoring and reporting to take action to remediate assets.

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