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What is OT patch management software?

OT/ICS patch management is often thought of as a basic cyber security process. Vulnerability and patch management are key components for major cyber security controls and compliance standards (i.e. NIST Cyber Security Framework, CIS Top 20 Controls, NERC CIP).

On the surface, a patch management process appears to be straightforward: simply apply software updates to your OT systems. Patches are provided by the vendors to close any security or functional holes in your systems. This is so basic on paper that it is often overlooked or neglected by many security teams and system operators. 

Patch management is defined as a comprehensive cycle of ensuring baseline data, identifying available patches and known vulnerabilities, reviewing patches for applicability and OEM-vendor approval, designing deployment or mitigation strategies, executing patch deployment and confirmation, and finally re-establishing baselines. 

While IT software patching occurs frequently, it tends to be tedious, difficult and more time consuming in OT environments when there is a shortage of time and necessary skills. That’s why Verve developed an end-to-end patch management program to reduce the time and complexity of safe patching to improve the quality of your industrial security.

End-to-End OT/ICS Patch Management with Verve

To combat the challenges with OT patch management, Verve Industrial Protection developed a multi-staged approach to streamline the patch management process. Learn about our six-step process in this blog:

Our Customer Success

"I purchased Verve to create internal/operational efficiencies, improve compliance and risk management, and enhance decision-making."

Sr. Manager Security Governance & IT Risk, Energy & Utilities

Our Customer Success

“The ability to use Verve to see the full range of vulnerabilities from missing patches to insecure configurations on endpoints, to inappropriate network design and firewall rules in a single platform allows us to rapidly prioritize critical remediation steps.”

CISO-Americas, Fortune 100 Pharma/Med Device Company

Verve's CEO on the OT Patch Management Process

Hear from John Livingston, CEO of Verve Industrial, as he explains how the end-to-end patch management solution integrates software and services for a closed-loop process to simplify day-to-day operations.

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