Not all OT Asset Inventory Solutions are the Same

A one-time or infrequently updated list of hardware and its OS or firmware provides some context. A passive capture of anything communicating on the network provides a different, but limited view. 

A robust foundation for OT/ICS security requires real-time visibility to all of the hardware and software in your network, all of the users, accounts, patches, vulnerabilities, network device configurations, Windows settings, embedded device backplanes, the status of various security elements such as application firewalls, whitelisting, antivirus, etc. 

Further, it should provide the ability for automated or user-created asset criticality and risk scoring. This deep and broad asset inventory acts as the foundation for true endpoint management and security. Having this kind of inventory at your fingertips significantly reduces costs and time. 

Verve’s unique architecture enables just this kind of asset inventory and asset visibility.  It acts as the foundation for an integrated asset management or endpoint management program for OT/ICS. 

An automated and robust asset inventory increases the efficiency and cyber security maturity of your industrial environment by centralizing all endpoint asset data into one view to Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover from a single platform. Feel confident and in command of your operations when time and information are on your side.

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Our Customer Success

Verve has become our overall OT asset database. It gathers all our assets across all vendors and sites into a single, easy-to-use UI.

Director of Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, A Major US Midwest Utility

Verve’s OT Asset Management and Visibility

Wide Coverage of OT/ICS Device Types

Verve’s software-defined, agent-based and agentless architecture safely gathers rich asset profiles with depth and breadth across all OEM platforms.

In Verve’s asset discovery dashboard, you will find different analysis and donut charts to detect and count assets from different sites into one reporting view. This view shows you the different vendors on the network and raw data details per asset.

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Vulnerability Identification and Prioritization

Use the Verve Security Center’s filters to search for specific vulnerabilities by asset type, criticality, location, history and date to prioritize remediation efforts.

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Manage Vulnerabilities with Patching

Apply patches to fix vulnerabilities discovered with the Verve Security Center. Quickly identify the total number of patches missing and prioritize which to fix first by filtering on the severity, site location, specific asset, release date, criticality, system grouping and whitelisting enforcement.

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Software Inventory

Use Verve’s asset inventory management to gather all software installed in the network for tracking and incident response.

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Identify Misconfigured Devices

Identify configuration insecurities across devices and identify potential compliance gaps. Verve gathers specific ICS/OT configuration analysis to determine potential for risks due to insecurely configured devices.

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Risk & Compensating Controls (risk score)

Verve offers one view into all software and patch/vulnerability statuses, including over 100 additional risk assessment measures such as compensating controls, antivirus status, user defined criticality scores, and full network configuration assessment.

• Deep visibility across all OT, IOT, OS assets and networks to discover embedded devices (even PLCs, relayed and controllers)

• Custom user-defined fields enable classification for risk and system groups

• Network information gathered for full insight into subnetworks and dual-nics

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Network Connectivity

Identify rogue connections and potential misconfigured network devices that might allow inappropriate or risky traffic/access through the network.

Verve’s visibility enables detailed analysis of network connectivity risks and operational errors that can cause downtime or damage.

User & Account Identification

Verve’s deep inventory gathers all users and accounts on the systems. These are not just accounts that are currently in use, but dormant accounts, admin accounts that have not been renamed, accounts with dated passwords, etc.

This enables rapid user and account management, a critical risk management function in OT.

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Speak with an industrial cyber security expert to see how Verve gathers a detailed asset inventory to prioritize risks and improve time to remediation.

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OT/ICS Asset Inventory Management with Verve Security Center

Read more about how asset inventory is the foundational element you need for an robust OT cyber security program.

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Verve Iconography Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management

Visibility to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities to remediate

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patch management icon

Patch Management

Apply an OT-safe patch or administer compensating controls when patching is not possible

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Verve Iconography Security Monitoring

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Ability to make trade-offs across risks with 360-degree view of assets

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Verve Iconography Defense 4

Configuration Analysis

Visibility of configuration risks and ability to harden insecure settings

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Verve Iconography People 4

User & Account Management

Robust visibility to information on all endpoints enables clean-up of insecure access rights

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Verve Iconography Respond 42 4

Detection & Response

Knowing what is on your network enables alerting of rogue devices as well as advanced host intrusion and anomaly detection

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