NIST Cyber Security Framework

What is NIST CSF? 

The NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF) was created to improve cyber security in critical infrastructure due to the alarming number of cyber security breaches to U.S. critical infrastructure. While awareness of threats grows, many industrial organizations struggle to protect their assets.

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework is one method for measuring maturity in cyber defense and protection, but measuring and managing cyber security risk is different for every company as they face different threats, levels of severity, and points of intrusion. This is where the NIST CSF profiles and tiers come into play for organizations to determine which strategies are essential to protecting their critical infrastructure. 

Verve Industrial Protection has a successful track record in assisting industrial companies increase their maturity relative to the NIST CSF standards through our professional design, and support services as well as by deploying the Verve Security Center on customers’ OT or Industrial Control Systems.

No matter where you are in the cyber security journey from a basic understanding to more mature adoption, we can help you significantly increase your level of defense and reliability with our end-to-end solution to assist with all five core functions of the NIST CSF.

NIST CSF in OT Cyber Security


Most used standard among industrial companies


U.S. organizations predicted to use the NIST CSF by 2020


Sub-categories of controls

Our Customer Success

“We did a complete competitive analysis and chose Verve. It has allowed us to double our NIST CSF maturity in 18 months.”

Cyber Compliance & Security Specialist, Large Generation & Transmission Co-op

Our Customer Success

“The NIST Framework has proved itself through broad use by the business community. Among the sectoral associations that have incorporated the framework into cybersecurity recommendations are auto manufacturers, the chemical industry, the gas industry, hotels, water works, communications, electrical distribution, financial services, mutual funds, restaurants, manufacturing, retail sales, transportation, and corporate directors.”

U.S. Chamber of Commerce, May 2017

Other Security Maturity Models

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CIS Top 20 Controls
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NERC CIP Compliance
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CMMC Security Maturity

Achieve NIST CSF Maturity

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