What is OT/ICS Security Maturity?

It is the tools and procedures of improving the cyber security status of an organization’s industrial control systems security. Maturity refers to levels of protection based on various cybersecurity standards such as NIST CSF, CIS Top 20 security controls, ISA99/IEC62443, etc. Most common elements of increasing maturity include:

Verve helps our industrial clients accelerate their maturity against these standards.  The combination of the closed-loop, software-based Verve Security Center and our team of expert OT/ICS security engineers demonstrates increased maturity within 30 days that puts a client on a trajectory to dramatic improvement over a 12 month period.

Cyber Security Maturity Improvement

“We did a complete competitive analysis and chose Verve. It has allowed us to double our NIST CSF maturity in 18 months.”

Cyber Compliance & Security Specialist, Large Generation & Transmission Co-op

Rapid ICS/OT Security Maturity Improvement Program

Need to demonstrate rapid progress in security maturity? Verve’s software and services is your partner in the journey

Rapid Assessment

Use Verve Security Center to see exactly where your biggest opportunities are for improvement

Accelerated Time to Remediation

Verve’s “closed loop” solution enables immediate action to take action to address risks and vulnerabilities - and show progress

Integrated Platform

Bring all security components into single pane of glass to avoid gaps and demonstrate success across all controls areas

Single Deployment

Single team to help deploy Verve as well as our integrated solutions (e.g., application whitelisting, backup, etc.)

Expert Remediation Support

OT/ICS engineers to support system hardening, segmentation, policy development, etc. in rapid fashion

Real Time Reporting and Ongoing Maintenance

Verve provides instant and ongoing real-time visibility into security posture with no need for scanning or additional manual effort. Demonstrate measurable success

Demonstrate ICS cyber security maturity progress

Contact us to learn how to improve cyber security maturity quickly with demonstrated progress to show your boss. The Verve Security Center has increased NIST CSF cyber security maturity levels by 2x within 12 months.

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