Design 4 Defense and Managed Services

Verve provides turnkey ICS/OT engineering services – from the design of new systems and upgrades, to security assessment and remediation and network segmentation, to ongoing managed security and reliability services. Verve is your partner in your OT/ICS security & reliability journey.

25+ years supporting industrial control systems

Vulnerability Assessment

Evaluate your organization’s current security and reliability status, understand and prioritize the biggest risks, then build a roadmap across people, process and technology to deliver dramatic and rapid improvement in security maturity.

Where should we begin?

  • Strategic cyber security workshops
  • Vulnerability and risk assessment
  • Controls and data flow assessment

How do we accelerate maturity?

  • Roadmap development
  • Strategic advisory services

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Deployment & Integration

Design the right controls and security solutions and deploy them in an integrated fashion with a single-team to ensure no gaps in coverage and a truly optimized system.

How do we ensure our security tools deliver on requirements and provide integrated defense-in-depth?

  • AV/Whitelisting deployment and tuning
  • Verve Security Center deployment and training
  • Backup & restore

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System Hardening

Ensure ICS security is more than awareness. Get down to systematically improving your ICS cyber security maturity through a prioritized set of system hardening actions.

How do we harden our systems to increase our maturity from day one?

  • Patch and vulnerability management
  • Configuration hardening
  • User and account access
  • Subnet architecture
  • Backup
  • Anti-malware

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Automation Engineering

Our team of automation designers and programmers deliver reliable, secure and low cost control systems across a range of industries. Too often security is an overlooked element of control system engineering, and in many cases, providers focus on only one vendor system. Our team brings a vendor-agnostic approach as well as depth in security to ensure the system is designed efficiently, safely, and securely.

Key areas of our practice include:

  • Turnkey process automation design and programming
  • Upgrading individual controls components
  • Data historian design and implementation
  • Secure and reliable network design

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Managed Services

Enhance your team with the advantage of 25 years of vendor-agnostic experience. OT Systems Management is the key to sustained reliability and security maturity. Our team brings expertise across control systems and security to ensure uptime and reliability of critical infrastructure.

How do we maintain and improve security & compliance?

  • NERC CIP, CIS, IEC62443 compliance services
  • OT/ICS managed security services

How do we ensure reliability of critical industry 4.0/data services?

  • Real-time monitoring and support services

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Strategic Advisory

For over 25 years, Verve has helped industrial organizations manage the reliability and security needs within ICS/OT. Our experience spans across multiple industries and extends from automation engineering through managed security services.

Leverage our expertise as your own and partner with Verve to conquer strategic cyber security challenges such as:

  • Developing an OT cyber security roadmap
  • Developing appropriate OT/ICS policies and procedures
  • Organization design and management
  • Lifecycle strategies

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Why Choose Verve?

For over 25 years, Verve’s vendor-agnostic engineering team has supported clients in designing, deploying and defending secure and reliable control systems

25+ Years of Experience

Work with a partner that has been there, done that before

Technology Enabled

Our team leverages the best in class capabilities of the Verve Security Center to accelerate response time and ensure ongoing visibility and measurement


Most operations have multiple vendor systems and need integrated services capabilities. Our team has experience integrating and ensuring reliability across vendors with a single support team

Turnkey Solution Provider

Rely on one committed partner for everything from upfront design, controls programming and security assessments to hardening, segmentation and ongoing monitoring

Committed to Client Success

25 years of satisfied customers with a 99% retention rate

Verified Success

Proven track record of >100 clients, 1500+ projects and thousands of hours saved

Track Record of Impact


# of successful projects


# of satisfied clients


Client retention

Meet a few of our ICS Security & Reliability Experts

Ryan Zahn

Cyber Security Engineer

Ryan has 10 years of control system and OT cyber security experience and spent 3 years on the reliability and security of a Transmission Energy Management System for a large city. He helps asset owners safely implement OT solutions to maximize cyber security posture to protect critical environments.

Sunjay Rajput

Cyber Security Consultant

Sunjay has 12+ years experience designing, implementing, optimizing, maintaining and troubleshooting mission critical IT, OT and SCADA environments. He uses his knowledge in Microsoft technologies, virtualization, backup and cyber security standards to implement Verve across ICS environments.

James Green

Director of Field Services

James has 10 years of industrial cyber security experience and offers unique guidance in building OT policies and procedures. His in-depth knowledge of ICS cyber focuses on serving Verve customers through vulnerability assessments, risk remediation and roadmap planning.

Our Customer Success

“I don’t think the unique mixture of advanced skill sets exists anywhere that I know of. In short, you completely upgraded all of the hardware and software in layer 0 on a running 2000 megawatt power plant with no interruption to plant operations or CIP compliance as well as getting the new GMS RTU communications guys ROCK!”

Manager OT Compliance, Major US Power Company

Our Customer Success

“I have worked with Verve for 15 years and am continually amazed by their excellent customer-oriented support. They are very innovative and capable and provide exceptional service & value.”

Jon Shadduck, Director Cybersecurity Architecture, Ameren

Technology-Enabled Risk Assessment Services

OT/ICS vulnerability assessments are critical to designing a prioritized security roadmap. Verve has extensive experience leveraging a technology-enabled assessment to provide rapid and efficient roadmap planning.

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