What is OT/ICS Vulnerability Management?

Vulnerability management is the business process of identifying, evaluating, treating and monitoring/reporting on software insecurities and misconfigurations of endpoints. 

In OT cyber security, vulnerability management includes the following functions:

  • Assessing assets for known vulnerabilities
  • Prioritizing those vulnerabilities based on risk and impact
  • Remediating vulnerabilities through patching, configuration management or deployment of compensating controls

While some vulnerability assessment is important, management frameworks simplify the discovery components into a single step. The overall goal is to close the loop and accelerate vulnerability remediation to reduce risk.

OT/ICS vulnerability management is often a complex, manual effort with many hand-offs and systems used. The sensitivity of many devices found in OT/ICS networks means that traditional IT vulnerability scanner solutions are not tenable. Automated patch management tools put operations at risk if deployed at the wrong time or on the wrong systems. 

Operators are often left with partial views and manual processes. What is needed is a closed-loop, automated solution that is built for the sensitivity of OT/ICS systems. The handoff from vulnerability assessment to patching and treatment typically contains procedural gaps in ownership and technology, leaving 10-20% of devices unpatched. Prioritizing which vulnerabilities are most critical is where Verve steps in.

The Verve Security Center provides just this kind of solution. Verve Industrial Protection’s vulnerability management program provides real-time insight into vulnerabilities updates and patch releases. In addition to CVSS and CVE scores, automated risk scoring is attributed to focus your efforts on prioritized remediation.


Our Customer Success

"The ability to use Verve to see the full range of vulnerabilities from missing patches to insecure configurations on endpoints, to inappropriate network design and firewall rules in a single platform allows us to rapidly prioritize critical remediation steps.”

CISO-Americas, Fortune 100 Pharma/Med Device Company

Our Customer Success

"The capability to perform passive discovery of hardware and software which can establish a cyber asset inventory from which comparison to a vulnerability database is performed to discover vulnerabilities is what I like most about Verve Industrial Protection.”

Sr. Manager Security Governance & IT Risk, Energy & Utilities

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