What is an ICS/OT Cyber Security Roadmap?

A cyber security roadmap defines an organization’s security baseline and lays out a sequence of remediation activities to address prioritized risks and secure the infrastructure. 

An effective long-term roadmap includes:

  • Comprehensive ICS/OT risk assessment
  • Prioritized portfolio of initiatives
  • Clear end-state or destination
  • Timelines, metrics, and interim objectives
  • Resource requirements (human and capital)

The ICS/OT cyber security roadmap acts as a guide to an organization’s maturity journey. Without a clear roadmap, security often becomes a series of one-off initiatives, creating several problems from a lack of budgetary visibility, to gaps in security, and additional costs from siloed tools.

Develop an efficient roadmap unique to your organization’s needs to stay on track and demonstrate improved cyber security progress.

ICS/OT Security Roadmap

While asset inventory is the first and most important step in your cyber security journey, many organizations fail to recognize it is only one component of security maturity and end up falling short of their end goal. Watch our on-demand webinar to discover how to build an effective OT cyber security roadmap with asset inventory as a strong foundation.

OT/ICS Security Roadmap is part of Verve’s Strategic Advisory Services

OT/ICS Security Workshop

Regardless of where you and your organization are on its industrial cyber security journey, Verve is here to help.

Our Baseline Workshop was created by our security and compliance experts to partner with you to develop a strategic direction to improve security maturity and identify key requirements for success.

The workshop lasts 2-3 hours and is customized to your specific needs and situation. We extend the invitation to all necessary parties on your team and provide a comprehensive roadmap to improve your cyber security maturity.

Security Roadmapping

What good is a vulnerability assessment if the organization does not take action to resolve the identified risks? Verve leverages vulnerability assessment results (whether performed by us or by another team) and breaks down the series of prioritized action into a suggested timeline with budgets and resource requirements using the Verve Security Center.

Verve’s advisory roadmapping services builds on the consulting capabilities of our team to bridge the worlds of security and operations management to develop an achievable plan that satisfies IT, OT, and finance.

OT/ICS Security Policy & Procedure Development

Industrial control systems require specific security policies and procedures given the unique architecture and operation of these environments. Our team has years of experience across a range of different industry and organizational environments to provide a guiding hand in the development of specific OT/ICS security policies and procedures.

Key policies such as:

Our team’s 25+ years of cyber security services provides experience with clients who wish to adapt IT policies to the unique OT/ICS environments. We also have background creating best practices from scratch, leveraging a range of industry sources such as ISA, SANS, NIST, etc. Our team skillfully balances security and operations to develop practical solutions for adoption.

Our Customer Success

“The ability to use Verve to see the full range of vulnerabilities from missing patches to insecure configurations on endpoints, to inappropriate network design and firewall rules in a single platform allows us to rapidly prioritize critical remediation steps.”

CISO-Americas, Fortune 100 Pharma/Med Device Company

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