What is Integrated IT-OT Security?

Integration brings IT security functionality into the OT environment and creates a single platform to enable security management functions across IT and OT. Key elements of IT OT security include:

The Verve Security Center was built to bring the best of IT security management into OT environments. Our team of OT/ICS engineering experts tested and tuned the solution so it is 100% OT-safe and still provides the same functionality as often seen in IT security. 

We recognize that 99% of OT/ICS incidents occur through the traditional Windows/Unix/Linux devices as their access point. Attackers take advantage of IT OT integration to bridge into critical OT systems from IT. Verve’s IT OT solution provides visibility and integrated security across these perimeters. 

Integrated IT OT Security

“The power of Verve is that you have enabled us to have the same security functionality and consistent measurement in OT as we have in our IT side.”

Deputy CISO, Top 10 NA Electric and Gas Utility

Integrated IT OT Security

We know the threats that traditional IT tools pose in a control system environment, so we built Verve to tune IT tools so they’re safe to operate in OT environments with the goal of IT OT convergence. 

Hear from CEO John Livingston on IT OT integration and read how Verve assisted a major North American electric and gas utility to deliver consistent security maturity across IT and OT over a 9 month period.

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