Verve Leadership

John Livingston

Chief Executive Officer

John leads Verve's mission to protect the world’s infrastructure. He brings 20+ years of experience from McKinsey & Co. advising large companies in strategy and operations. John's committed to helping clients find the lowest cost and simplest solutions for controls, data and ICS security challenges.

Robert Bevis

Founder & Chief Product Officer

Bob is our founder and leads the technical vision for the company. With over 35 years of cyber security, ICS system design, and project management experience, Bob’s unique ability to understand cyber security requirements in a control system environment enables Verve Industrial to be best-in-class.

Josh Heling

Chief Technology Officer

Josh has extensive experience leading and growing teams that build successful and innovative software products in the security and compliance space. His broad experience includes firewall, UTM, IDS, and SIEM, as well as related reporting and large-scale configuration management systems.

Robert Held

VP Sales Engineering & Customer Success

With a robust pedigree of cyber security expertise, Robert leverages his experience in incident response, threat intelligence, vulnerability remediation and risk management to ensure customers leverage the full suite of Verve’s industrial cyber security offerings.

Reddy Kallem

VP Controls Engineering

Reddy has extensively worked across power, oil & gas, chemicals and other industries. He is committed to our vision of being vendor-agnostic to bring the best solution to the customer. He is leading edge in his design thinking, developing many new approaches to controls solutions.

Rick Kaun

VP Solutions

Rick has been involved in designing and implementing OT security programs, tailoring projects to clients in industries including oil & gas, refining, mining, power, and manufacturing. Rick always approaches engagements with an eye towards building a scalable, cost-effective and manageable solution.

Kurt Schiller

VP Human Resources

Kurt guides and manages the overall Human Resources services, policies and programs for Verve. Kurt has over 20 years of experience in small, medium and large size companies serving in CEO, General Manager and Division Manager capacities in manufacturing, distribution and healthcare markets.

Adnan Alawneh

General Manager

As an OT cyber security specialist, Adnan has over 20 years of experience across several critical infrastructure sectors. Adnan oversees business development and technology partnerships in the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey to drive Verve's expansion into key international markets.

Meghan Ganzer

Director of Marketing

Since making the career shift from sales to marketing, Meghan has guided the messaging, branding, digital, and demand gen efforts to lead Verve's go-to-marketing strategy and sales/marketing alignment.

Jessica Howard

Director of Finance

Jessica oversees the financial operations of Verve. She provides all C-level financial reports and is involved with the complete accounting process, compliance, and audits. Her wealth of knowledge and extended tenure is invaluable to the success of the business.

Verve Advisors

Jason Few

Senior Advisor

Jason has leadership experience across the technology, wireless, broadband, manufacturing and energy sectors. He is the CEO of FuelCell Energy and the former President and CEO of Continuum Energy, L.L.C. and President of Reliant Energy

Eric Byres

Senior Advisor

Eric is the CEO of Adolus, a software platform for software supply chain security management. He was the Inventor, Founder and former CEO of Tofino, the leading industrial firewall manufacturer. and is widely recognized as one of the world’s top experts in the field of ICS security.

Dale LeFebvre

Board Member

Dale is Chairman of 35711, a Washington, D.C.-based holding company. 35711 has interests in a variety of leading companies providing services to critical infrastructure industries. Dale is a graduate of MIT and Harvard Law School. He is a leader in many civic arenas, currently serving on the board

Sonny Garg

Board Member

Sunil (Sonny) is the Energy Solutions Lead of Uptake, an advanced industrial analytics company. Prior to Uptake, Sonny spent 13 years at Exelon Corporation, a Fortune 125 company, in a variety of senior executive positions, including Chief Information and Innovation Officer (CIIO).

Ron Brash


Ron injects technical expertise from vulnerability research to cyber-risk advisory from several critical infrastructure domains (O&G, energy, utilities, aviation). He has 12+ years experience working with embedded ICS, possesses a MsCompSci, a Btech, and co-authored a book on Bash programming.

Why Verve?

Our experienced leaders make up Verve’s foundation, but our unique approach to the OT/ICS cyber security technology and services set us apart

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