The Need for Integrated ICS Risk Management

What is ICS/OT Risk Management?

Integrated risk management in OT cyber security is the comprehensive management of prioritized risk to control systems due to cyber attack. 

Robust ICS/OT risk management enables prioritization of risks across types of assets and potential sources of vulnerability. It also includes the ability to remediate risks through protective actions on endpoints in the network. 

Key areas of risks to analyze include:

  • Published vulnerabilities
  • User & account settings
  • Configuration settings
  • Network security design
  • Software management
  • Lack of robust security controls such as anti-virus, whitelisting and backups

The need to address OT/ICS cyber risks has never been greater. New threats are emerging every day, and we need clear visibility into the holistic picture of each endpoint to determine how to reduce and remediate risks in the most cost-effective way.

Verve’s ICS/OT Risk Management Solution

Verve’s unique approach to software and services provides a quantifiable reduction in risk using proprietary risk scoring and remediation planning

Tech-Enabled Vulnerability Assessment

Verve’s unique vulnerability assessment enables true risk prioritization across all elements of defense in depth

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360-Degree Risk Prioritization

ICS/OT risks include much more than known vulnerabilities. Verve’s risk prioritization includes proprietary scoring across dozens of risk dimensions

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Broad set of security integration partners bring all protection measures controls into a single pane of glass

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Rapid Remediation

Verve enables single-platform remediation across dozens of key risk management functions: patch, configuration, ports & services, users, etc.

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Expert OT/ICS Engineering Services

Bring OT/ICS security and vendor-agnostic engineering together to ensure rapid & safe protection of critical systems

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Real-Time Reporting

Provide real-time, enterprise-wide visibility to current status and potential risks in a way IT and CIO/CISO can easily digest and manage

360-Degree Risk Assessments

Verve Industrial analyzes across various components (change management, patching, SIEM, etc.), providing a 360-degree risk assessment per asset.

Our Customer Success

"I purchased Verve to create internal/operational efficiencies, improve compliance and risk management, and enhance decision-making."

Sr. Manager Security Governance & IT Risk, Energy & Utilities

Our Customer Success

“The ability to use Verve to see the full range of vulnerabilities from missing patches to insecure configurations on endpoints, to inappropriate network design and firewall rules in a single platform allows us to rapidly prioritize critical remediation steps.”

CISO-Americas, Fortune 100 Pharma/Med Device Company

ICS/OT Risk Management

Verve helps clients prioritize their risks and manage OT systems and environment to systematically reduce risk at lowest cost/complexity

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