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The Ultimate Guide to Protecting OT Systems with IEC 62443

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Blog April 14, 2022

What Critical Infrastructure Can Learn From Conti Ransomware Leaks

For the cybercrime group Conti, every operational and critical infrastructure company based in the United States or one of the many allied countries could be their next target.

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Blog April 4, 2022

What are the Top CIS Controls?

What are the benefits of the Top CIS Controls and how are they implemented in OT or ICS cyber security environments?

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Blog March 29, 2022

4 Benefits of OT Endpoint Security Asset Management

How endpoint OT security asset management improves a CISO’s ability to deliver measurable and rapid improvements to OT cybersecurity.

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Blog March 10, 2022

Adapting XDR for OT Cybersecurity

These five adaptations of traditional IT XDR allow IT security teams to achieve effective and efficient multi-telemetry detection and response in OT environments.

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Blog March 4, 2022

6 Steps for Effective Patch Management

To combat the challenges with patch management, Verve Industrial Protection developed a multi-staged approach to streamline the patch management process.

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Blog February 17, 2022

4 Ways to Manage the Impact of Log4j in OT Environments

Learn the steps asset owners should take to mitigate the Log4j vulnerability in OT environments with OT-safe practices.

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Blog January 5, 2022

4 Components to Rapidly Improve & Measure OT Security

The current approaches to OT cyber security lack the ability to demonstrate progress and improvement on key security metrics over time. Here’s how to change that.

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Blog December 27, 2021

4 Benefits of an OEM Vendor Agnostic OT Security Approach

Here’s why traditional OEM-specific approaches will break under their own weight and complexity. There is an alternative that drives efficiency and effectiveness across the enterprise.

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Blog December 17, 2021

Addressing the Log4j Vulnerability with Verve

This article outlines how Verve customers and other industrial organizations can effectively address Log4j vulnerabilities.

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Blog December 14, 2021

5 Principles for Guiding OT Cyber Security Governance

Getting OT cybersecurity governance right is imperative to the success of an industrial company’s security program as new threats, regulations, and requirements emerge.

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Blog October 21, 2021

BlackMatter Ransomware and CISA Alert to Wastewater

Remediation and response strategies critical infrastructure operators can take to protect themselves from the risks of Blackmatter ransomware.

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Blog October 11, 2021

Risk Management for OT Endpoint Security: 5 Steps for Success

How to take a true endpoint security risk management approach for successful cyber defense efforts. This approach provides an OT-specific way of conducting ITSM.

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