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Hear from Verve’s OT/ICS cyber experts at one of our upcoming webinars or join us at an upcoming cyber security conference.

CS4CA Canada

CS4CA Canada
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Event, Webinar June 6, 2023

How to Develop OT Security Policies, Procedures and Plans From Scratch

Building and developing OT security programs from the ground up is a challenging task in any environment. Establishing the right standards, prioritizing risks, and aligning organization need to be defined and executed while also adapting a proactive approach that protects sensitive environments. In this webinar, Verve CEO, John Livingston, will be joined by Goran Novkovic, Head of Industrial Cybersecurity for…

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Event June 13, 2023

CS4CA Canada

CS4CA Canada will bring together 150+ IT & OT security leaders to network, learn, be inspired, and collaborate towards cyber resilience by exchanging first-hand expert information and joining forces in addressing common concerns.

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Event, Webinar June 21, 2023

Applying Network Segmentation to Secure OT Environments

CS2AI hosts Verve Industrial for a live online seminar discussing how to apply network segmentation in OT environments.

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Event July 11, 2023

CS4CA World 2023 (Virtual)

Expect to feel inspired, educated and energized, with new ideas to take away and try in your organization as part of this innovative virtual conference.

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Event September 26, 2023

CS4CA Europe 2023

The CS4CA summit will unite 150+ IT & OT security leaders from across Europe’s critical infrastructures, for 2-days of in-depth knowledge exchange, strategy planning and insight building in London on 26th & 27th September.

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Event October 3, 2023

ManuSec USA 2023

The premier conference for cybersecurity in manufacturing, addressing the sector’s drive toward digitalization and automation and the imperative to balance it with security.

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Event October 4, 2023

ISA Automation & Leadership Conference

ALC will bring together a global audience of automation managers, engineers and technicians who want to stay abreast of trending industry topics focused on digital transformation, cybersecurity, IIoT, smart manufacturing and process automation.

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Event October 23, 2023

SecurityWeek ICS Conference

As the first hybrid event at scale for the industrial cybersecurity community, this conference is expected to attract record attendance.  

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Event October 25, 2023

IIoT ICS Cybersecurity Day

This is a dedicated virtual event focused on ICS cybersecurity.

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Event February 27, 2024

ManuSec Europe 2024

ManuSec Europe explores solutions to the widening array of cyber threats jeopardizing European manufacturers as they increasingly embrace technological innovations. A senior delegation of 150+ manufacturing and cyber security leaders from across Europe explore strategies and best practices for protecting industrial networks, promoting organisational alignment as support for IT/OT convergence and establishing a roadmap for cyber security of safety-critical systems to…

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Event March 1, 2024

CS4CA USA 2024

The summit offers two dedicated streams, allowing delegates to hone in on their specialist areas of interest, as well as plenary sessions that bind both groups of professionals.

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