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Verve Industrial Protection Named Top Cybersecurity Solution in 2020

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News January 13, 2021

Verve Industrial named as a Top Security Management Solution

This article showcases Threat.Technology’s top picks for the best Security Management solutions.

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News December 15, 2020

2020 Annual Review: Industrial and IOT Security by SichereIndustrie

Hear from 16 industry experts, including Ron Brash on topics such as which security incident was most relevant, how the ICS security scene was perceived, best guess on next year's threat/incident landscape, and how security should adapt to new developments.

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News December 9, 2020

Winter Driving as a Comparison to Ransomware Realities

The snowbank is inevitable, detection is too late, but proper proactive prevention and recovery strategies reduce the impact and likelihood. And it’s the same with ransomware.

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News December 6, 2020

Ron Brash: Problem Fixer in Critical Infrastructure [OT]

Ron Brash joined The CyberWire podcast to discuss how he started his career in industrial cyber security, what he's working on now, and advice for others in ICS security.

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News December 3, 2020

Cyber Incident Response – Take a Walk on the Human Side and a Look at the CIRP (Canada’s Cyber Incident Response Plan)

Anyone who has heard me (Jennifer Lyn Walker) speak (on the Cyber Threat Briefing, at a conference, or podcast) knows that I like to focus on the human side of cybersecurity. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that this post – Tackle the Human Side of Incident Response with SOAR and Threat Intelligence – by Flashpoint resonates with me.

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News December 1, 2020

OT Vulnerability Management – When Patching isn’t Preferred (or even possible)

Patching in the OT environment is a perpetual predicament, but passing over patches is permanently problematic. Simply ignoring a patch because it is impractical or impossible to implement is profoundly poor policy. So what are the preferred practices when patching isn’t possible? According to Verve Industrial, the options greatly depend on whether the system you intend to remediate has embedded vulnerabilities or a Windows/userspace application.

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News November 18, 2020

Real-Life Scenarios: How the Industrial Cloud Gets Hacked

A cyberattack such as ransomware, especially one that causes downtime or shutdowns, can have reverberations throughout the infrastructure of a manufacturing or oil and gas company for months afterward.

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News November 16, 2020

OT/ICS Cybersecurity – Vulnerability Management of Embedded Devices

After its recent webinar on Understanding Embedded Devices and Firmware in OT, Verve Industrial took to its blog to address many questions posed during the event. Verve responds in detail and provides “pro-tips” to six important questions for understanding cybersecurity and vulnerability management issues for embedded devices.

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News November 11, 2020

Increasing Threats to OT/ICS Assets Need a Robust Cybersecurity Program

What is OT systems management and why is it so critical to protecting our critical infrastructure? What are the necessary controls to ensure ICS/OT cybersecurity? A comprehensive program includes a range of controls and design efforts, In this podcast, industry leaders will discuss the challenges and requirements of protecting Operating Information Technology systems, which includes the need for establishing OT Systems Management, a holistic approach to hardening, updating, maintaining, and monitoring the endpoints and networks in industrial environments.

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News November 5, 2020

What Every CISO Should Ask about OT/ICS Security

It is not uncommon for OT/ICS cybersecurity to fall under the authority of IT. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, unless IT is taking responsibility/action and lacks OT-specific knowledge.

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News October 26, 2020

15CFAM – Detecting and Responding to Cyber Threats is So Much FUN!

Ok, maybe it takes a cybersecurity nerd to think cyber threat detection and incident response is fun. But be assured, if you aren’t monitoring and detecting cyber threats against your organization, it’ll be anything but fun trying to respond to an attack or other cyber incident.

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News October 20, 2020

Alum of the Month: Ron Brash

A passion for tinkering with computer programs and designing web pages led Ron Brash to start his first year of VIU’s Information Technology and Applied Systems (ITAS) diploma program while he was still in high school. Through a partnership program between Nanaimo Ladysmith School District and VIU that allows public school students to take university courses in their senior years, Ron took his first steps into the world of information technology and is now a renowned cybersecurity industry expert. His skill set has earned him a spot on Control Engineering’s Engineering Leaders Under 40, Class of 2020.

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