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Verve Industrial Protection Named Top Cybersecurity Solution in 2020

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News February 26, 2021

CEO Interview Series: John Livingston, CEO, Verve Industrial Protection

John Livingston, CEO of Verve Industrial Protection, discussed how the industry should respond to increasing threats and vulnerabilities in a video interview with CFE Media and Technology.

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News February 24, 2021

Four OT, ICS security patching lessons to consider

Ensuring a comprehensive list of security-related patches by using operational technology (OT)-specific patching tools to gather complete software, vulnerability and security patch information.

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News February 17, 2021

Compensating controls in ICS cybersecurity

How and when to apply OT/ICS compensating controls when software patching is not an option in industrial cybersecurity.

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News February 12, 2021

Industry Reactions to U.S. Water Plant Hack

The U.S. government revealed this week that unknown hackers had managed to remotely access systems at a Florida city’s water plant and attempted to elevate levels of a certain chemical to a point where it would put the public at risk of being poisoned.

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News February 11, 2021

Verve and aDolus Partner for Endpoint Cybersecurity Solution

Verve embeds aDolus’ ability to generate SBOMs and validate components for improved cybersecurity.

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News February 9, 2021

Remote Hacker Caught Poisoning Florida City Water Supply

Cybersecurity experts have long warned that hackers could cause serious damage to organizations by targeting exposed human-machine interfaces (HMIs), and the incident in Oldsmar is another reminder of how vulnerable such systems across the nation’s critical infrastructure can be. “This was not the first attack on water or utilities, and lucky there was a human in the loop to prevent…

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News February 8, 2021

Security gaps in operational tech exposed with hacker attempt to poison Florida city water

A malicious hacker’s attempted poisoning of the Oldsmar, Florida water supply serves as a stark reminder of the potentially devastating consequences that can result from operating vulnerable and unsecured industrial controls in a critical infrastructure environment.

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News February 5, 2021

Learn to Adapt to New Industrial Cybersecurity Challenges at ARC Forum

The ARC Forum is virtual this year, which means you can access the same high-quality content and sessions from anywhere in the world.  We didn’t hold back on content this year in our cybersecurity track either.

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News February 4, 2021

Verve Industrial and aDolus Partner to Reduce ICS Software Supply Chain Risk

aDolus Technology Inc., a global authority on software intelligence for critical infrastructure, today announced its partnership with Verve Industrial, a leading industrial control system management and cyber security provider.

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News February 4, 2021

What OSHA can teach us about cybersecurity

Many of the lessons and changes applied to manufacturing after the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 can be applied to the growing challenge manufacturers face with industrial cybersecurity. Three keys to improving cybersecurity are highlighted.

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News February 3, 2021

Verve featured in Buyer Guide 2021 for Industrial Cybersecurity Services

Verve is featured in and Takepoint Research’s 2021 Buyer Guide for Industrial Cybersecurity Services. The guide is intended to answer some initial questions to help industrial enterprises make informed decisions on where to begin when it comes to securing OT/ICS environments, and how to integrate Industrial cybersecurity into an organization’s overall cybersecurity and risk management programs.

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News February 1, 2021

OT Companies Must Focus on Data Security and Recovery in 2021

This is part of an ongoing 2021 predictions series. We’ve asked top cyber experts to contribute their insights and expertise to provide a look ahead at what the new year may bring to cybersecurity.

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