What is OT Systems Management? 

The biggest challenge in OT/ICS security and reliability is consistent OT Systems Management (OTSM). OTSM is the active administration of operating technology systems (i.e., those that control a cyber-physical process). It is the Operating Technology (OT) or Industrial Control System (ISC) version of ITSM. It brings the core functions of ITSM into OT/ICS. The key functional elements include:

The biggest challenge in achieving consistent OTSM is a lack of talent. According to the NIST database Cyberseek, there are over 750,000 open cyber security jobs in the US, and over 75% of those are in systems management functions. 

Verve fills this gap with trained experts in OT/ICS networks and systems to provide the necessary resources to scale your security and reliability program. Instead of worrying about recruiting, hiring, retaining and retraining, rely on Verve to provide consistent coverage for all of your OT Systems Management needs with the best OT professionals in the business.

We offer a range of OT/ICS cyber security solutions from managed compliance to security monitoring to patch management and data system reliability. Service levels and price points vary depending on needs. 

Meet Robert Held: VP of Managed Services

Verve customers benefit from direct access to our seasoned OT experts. Our wealth of security engineering knowledge and ongoing support fills the headcount and skillset gaps clients are experiencing.

Hear from Robert Held as he shares how Verve’s experienced industrial engineers take customers under their wing to provide best practices and identify areas for additional support.

Learn more about our capabilities in this whitepaper overview:

Partner with OT experts to expand your security and reliability capacity

OT/ICS Systems Monitoring and Response

What is OT/ICS systems monitoring and response?

Systems monitoring and response is the process of tracking behavior of OT systems to detect abnormal patterns, diagnose root causes, and rapidly respond to ensure continued reliability. Although security gets the most attention, operational disruption is more often caused by maintenance and performance issues. Verve’s services, therefore, cut across security and reliability to ensure that no gaps exist.

Leveraging the Verve Security Center, our experts monitor device performance, network characteristics, log and netflow data, etc. and use the latest machine learning models to identify anomalous patterns of behavior. Our deep experience in OT/ICS systems allow us to root cause likely reasons and quickly return the system to proper operating state.

We have committed SLA’s and a 100% customer retention rate.

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OT Systems Management

Leveraging the power of the Verve Security Center, Verve’s team of systems experts ensure timely delivery of a range of management activities:

  • Patch discovery, evaluation, and deployment
  • Configuration management
  • Network tuning
  • User/account management
  • Ensure anti-malware is up to date
  • Respond to security vulnerabilities
  • Ensure backups and restoration

Watch as your security maturity improves on a regular monthly basis with Verve’s experienced team

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Compliance Services

For many clients in the power, chemical, water, defense industrial base and other sectors, government regulation requires a range of security controls with regular auditing. Verve supports industrial organizations by maintaining compliance with government requirements.

Verve’s team is experienced in the main industrial security compliance requirements (from NERC CIP to CMMC to AWWA and beyond). We provide advice and managed support in functions such as patching, vulnerability assessment, and compliance reporting.

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Why Choose Verve?

For over 25 years, Verve’s vendor-agnostic engineering team has supported clients in designing, deploying and defending secure and reliable control systems

25+ Years of Experience

Work with a partner that has been there, done that before

Technology Enabled

Our team leverages the best in class capabilities of the Verve Security Center to accelerate response time and ensure ongoing visibility and measurement


Most operations have multiple vendor systems and need integrated services capabilities. Our team has experience integrating and ensuring reliability across vendors with a single support team

Turnkey Reliability

Verve’s team takes a comprehensive view of reliability risks. Downtime can result from security threats from malware and state actors, to a switch that’s on its last legs. Our team bridges these worlds to provide full reliability support

Committed to Client Success

25 years of satisfied customers with a 99% retention rate

Integrate Deep OT/ICS Security and Engineering Expertise

Bring 25+ year's of OT/ICS engineering together with the leading security practitioners to ensure OT/ICS security from day one

Our Customer Success

"I had an issue with our data not flowing as required andVerve didn’t take long at all to identify and solve the issue. This group continues to exceed my expectations and sets the standard for IT problem solving and resolution."

Plant Manager, Large Power Utility

OT Managed Services Case Study

Assessing, remediating and maintaining OT systems security is a challenge for even the most well-resourced organizations. Verve worked with one of North America’s leading energy companies to support their OT reliability and security teams to ensure uptime and maintain their security posture.

Here’s how the managed services team improved efficiency, reduced time to remediation, and matured the overall OT security program.

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