OT cyber security expertise, trends and best practices to protect your industrial systems

Stay up to date with the latest OT cyber security expertise, trends and best practices to protect your industrial systems

The Ultimate Guide to Protecting OT Systems with IEC 62443

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Blog May 4, 2021

Securing Embedded Systems Takes a Focused Approach

Learn how to overcome industrial security challenges with embedded devices in OT/ICS security environments.

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Blog April 28, 2021

Compliance vs. Security: Why Manufacturers Should Go Beyond Information Security

Here’s why industrial manufacturing companies should adhere to CMMC guidelines but think broader for overall security maturity.

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Blog April 19, 2021

3 Benefits of a 360-Degree Vulnerability Assessment

Defending critical infrastructure environments requires 360-degree visibility into asset and network vulnerabilities

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Blog April 8, 2021

What is ICS Security?

As a foundational element, this blog lays out the “what, why, and how” of ICS security to help provide direction to those beginning their cyber security journey.  

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Blog November 29, 2021

Verve Recognized as Top OT Security Vendor

See where Verve Industrial has been recognized as a top OT cyber security vendor and why the Verve Security Center has accelerated momentum in ICS security.

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Blog March 18, 2021

Relay Race: Getting a Handle on Known Risks in the GE UR Family

Verve research featured in ICS-CERT warning on GE’s popular line of advanced protection and control relays. Here’s what asset owners need to know.

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Blog March 17, 2021

Ratchet Down Risk With a Strategic Approach to Fearsome Vuln Advisories

Strong OT systems management and a robust security program are key when faced with dire warnings like ICS-CERT’s recent Rockwell red flags.

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Blog, News March 8, 2021

Verve Recognized as Leading Cybersecurity Product in 2021 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

Verve is honored to receive four gold awards and two silver awards in the 2021 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards and to be recognized as a leading cyber security product or service across six different categories.

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Blog February 23, 2021

The Future of OT Security: OT Systems Management

Learn why there’s an increasing need for OT security to adopt the core elements of IT Systems & Security Management in the coming years.

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Blog February 18, 2021

Texas Power Grid & Supply Chain Risk

How winter weather highlighted a key cyber risk to the Texas power grid

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Blog February 15, 2021

Gaps in Supply Chain Cyber Security Demand a New Approach

In relation to supply chain security issues, Verve predicts many asset owners and researchers will assess more device firmware for inherently insecure components.

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Blog February 11, 2021

Key Takeaways from 2020 ICS Vulnerabilities

Alice and the ICS Vulnerability Looking Glass – How to Avoid Going Down the Rabbit Hole with ICS Vulnerabilities

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