OT vulnerabilities have doubled in the past year, and with the dramatic increase of remote access due to COVID-19, ransomware is on the rise. While most ransomware attacks target corporate IT environments, OT ends up becoming collateral damage, costing billions of dollars to infected organizations. On top of that, already overburdened OT staff lack the resources to properly secure and manage industrial control systems.


What is the Verve Security Center?

Verve Security Center was built to improve and simplify the reliability and security of industrial environments. It is the only endpoint security platform that provides visibility and actionability to remediate risks in OT/ICS. As such, Verve addresses the need for an integrated risk management solution that moves beyond the identification of cyber-related risks to prioritize actions that drive more effective and efficient risk reduction – allowing customers to demonstrate cyber security maturity much faster.

The security solution provides deep visibility into OT networks without complicated span ports and/or expensive taps. A deep and broad asset inventory provides the foundation for true endpoint management and significantly reduces cost and time from analysis to remediation. The automated inventory increases efficiency and cyber security maturity for industrial environments by going beyond passive and threat detection for comprehensive, end-to-end protection. 

Verve assesses hundreds of risk components of an OT asset, rather than just vulnerabilities or firmware. Operators prioritize patching, configuration hardening, compensating controls, etc. to efficiently remediate risk.

Additionally, Verve has the ability to “think globally, but act locally.” It centralizes aggregation of all data with advanced analytical models and develops actions centrally, but also enables local personnel to control the timing and details of actions.


How is the Verve Security Center different from other OT/ICS security solutions?

The Verve Security Center distinguishes itself from other cyber security solutions with its integrated ability to remediate the endpoints in the network. Underscoring their limitations, Verve’s competitors stop at detection. OT-proven and agent-based, the Verve Security Center enables rapid remediation of vulnerabilities and threats from the same platform that is used to discover and assess those vulnerabilities delivering a “closed-loop” solution.

The Verve Security Center is the only industrial-managed defense, detection, and response platform built for OT/ICS security environments. The all-in-one solution significantly reduces time to remediation and eliminates the complexity of managing multiple tools across various vendors, delivering a more efficient and cost-effective option than competitive offerings.


What are the benefits of working with Verve Industrial?

Verve dramatically reduces customers’ costs of identification, protection, and response to threats and vulnerabilities because of its unique ability to not only automatically identify risks across a 360-degree view of an asset, but then remediate those risks from the same platform. Although cost varies depending on the deployment specifics, customers have estimated that Verve Security Center has saved them $600,000- $1,000,000 per year compared to alternative solutions.

To meet market demand for innovation, new functionality, and advanced capabilities, Verve typically executes updates every six weeks. In addition, information on new vulnerabilities and related patches are available as often as weekly, with most customers performing updates on a biweekly or monthly basis. Announced earlier this year, the latest major release of Verve Security Center, Version 8.0, introduced “Verve-in-the-cloud” to further reduce the time and cost of deployment. 

A risk-based approach to threats, Version 8.0 also features automated risk scoring, integrating information from its agent-agentless interface along with Verve’s third-party integrations and 25 years of ICS experience to provide a risk score for each asset in the environment.

Finally, the platform’s advanced machine learning anomaly detection includes a robust detection layer and integration of control system alarm data to improve ease-of-use and threat response.


Why choose Verve Industrial over other OT cyber security companies?

Verve Security Center delivers several unique capabilities that enable customers to meet/surpass corporate budgetary expectations. First, the platform integrates across a comprehensive range of security requirements, reducing the cost of managing multiple tools across different functions. Second, Verve includes the ability to take actions, not just detect issues, reducing the labor requirements involved in responding to threats and vulnerabilities. Third, the platform’s vendor-agnostic, agent-agentless architecture requires no hardware, driving down the total cost of deployment.

Most alternative solutions rely on traffic collectors across a network. This approach not only increases the upfront capital expense but also the costs overtime associated with maintaining and refreshing hardware.

The Verve Security Center is the first OT/ICS cyber security platform that integrates a comprehensive suite of protection and defense to reduce cost and simplify operation. Industrial organizations need deep asset inventory, vulnerability and patch management, configuration and user/account management, malware defense, anomaly detection, and SIEM capabilities. 

Verve delivers all of this functionality in a single endpoint management platform, enabling customers to effectively manage the day-to-day operations of their industrial sites with consolidated tools and reporting.

While most OT environments are not managed, Verve enables OT leaders to integrate traditional IT management functions for OT devices. This achieves several key objectives, including: enables reduced cost to manage these environments; provides clear visibility across all asset types as well as a wide range of management functions; detects threats and operational issues in production environments, and enables rapid response to identify threats and vulnerabilities to reduce the risks of these environments.

See the latest recognition in the marketplace for Verve’s OT/ICS cyber security solution:


The CRN Partner Program Guide

CRN’s Partner Program Guide and CRN’s 5-star Partner Program Designation represent a definitive list of vendors who either have programs that service solution providers or provide products to the indirect IT channel.

The CRN Partner Programs Guide recognizes those vendors who either have developing solution provider channel programs or offer products and services through the indirect IT channel. In order to qualify for participation in CRN’s Partner Program Guide, vendors need to derive some portion of their sales through the indirect IT solution provider channel.

Learn more about Verve’s partner program


SC Trust Awards: Best SCADA Security Solution

For 24 years, the program has recognized the people, the organizations, and the solutions that are forging the industry’s future and advancing the cause of safe and secure commerce and communications.

The Trust Awards recognize information security products and services. Judges will look at the cybersecurity solutions, the problems, and their market penetration, functionality, manageability, ease of use, scalability, customer service/support, and more.

The Best SCADA Security Solution category examines Industrial Control Systems/Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (ICS/SCADA) operational and information technologies that reinforce critical infrastructure security. While traditional and long-standing vendors are making their move toward SCADA ecosystems, new players are joining the fray with IoT/ IIoT-related solutions. For this category, we’re looking for technologies that help safeguard critical ICS/SCADA systems from an array of attacks, whether spearheaded by nation-state bad actors, organized criminals, or malicious attackers on the hunt for a quick buck.

Read more about Verve as a SCADA Security Solution


Gartner’s 2021 Market Guide for Operational Technology Security

Operational technology security products and services continue to evolve rapidly. Gartner provides security and risk management leaders with an overview of the state of the OT security market and recommendations to leverage the evolving landscape of available OT security offerings.

Verve was mentioned in this report twice:

  • Listed as a cyber security vendor who reacted to end-user needs faster than ever before; We quickly released a secure remote access solution in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Recognized as an OT security vendor with multifunction OT cybersecurity platforms.

Download Gartner’s guide for OT Security


Gartner’s 2020 Emerging Technologies & Trends Impact Radar: Security

Security technologies must continually evolve to match transformations across digital business landscapes. Product leaders must address new security risks and threats posed by new infrastructures, business-enabling technologies, and evolved security programs.

Verve was recognized in this report as a recommended vendor for cyber-physical system security and operational technology security.

Download Gartner’s security report


2021 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

For the third year running, Verve Industrial Protection was nominated for multiple best product and/or service awards in the annual Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. In 2021, Verve was nominated in the categories of critical infrastructure, patch and configuration management, ICS/SCADA, integrated risk management, security management, and vulnerability management. We are honored to receive four gold awards and two silver awards and to be recognized as a leading cyber security product or service across all six categories.

See why Verve was recognized as the leading cybersecurity product across each category.


2021 Forrester Wave™ on ICS Security Solutions

This Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security Solutions Forrester Wave™ brought together “the 12 providers that matter most” and Verve Industrial is honored to be recognized in this comparison as a “Strong Performer”. We commend Forrester in recognizing the imminent need to focus on ICS security.

As Forrester states in its report, Verve has the only endpoint-agent-based ICS solution in this evaluation. Our customer-endorsed agent-agentless platform provides many capabilities that were not evaluated within this Wave such as the ability to take remediation actions (patch, harden configurations, manage users & accounts) as well as respond to threats from the platform which we believe are critical to ultimate ICS security.

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