Verve Industrial announced a partnership with MxD, the United States Department of Defense’s hub for manufacturing cyber security. MxD equips U.S. manufacturers with the digital tools and expertise they need to begin building every single part better than the last.

MxD is the result of a public-private partnership to advance the U.S. position in advanced, digital manufacturing. Since 2017, the institute received funding from the DoD and has developed an initial roadmap, begun pilots with several small and medium manufacturers, and leveraged its unique manufacturing test bed to build use cases regarding manufacturing cyber security.

Verve Industrial and MxD are partnering closely in many areas from developing robust manufacturing use cases, expanding outreach efforts to support small and medium manufacturers address the DFARS standard required of all DoD supply chain participants that manage Controlled Unclassified Information, to establishing cyber security solutions and training.

Verve and MxD are looking forward to helping the U.S. manufacturing industry secure the increasingly interconnected digital supply chain. If you missed us sharing our approach to the future of ICS cyber security, drop us a line or register for an upcoming information session.

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