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The Ultimate Guide to Protecting OT Systems with IEC 62443

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Blog November 21, 2019

Quantifying Risk in OT Cyber Security

An initial process on Risk management and vulnerability management in terms of probabilities of successful cyber attacks on Operational Technology (OT)

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Blog October 19, 2019

Cyber Risk Increases in OT when IT Selects Tools

IT and OT worlds continue to run into one another – why is that a challenge? Because good intentions without proper context can lead to disaster!

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Blog October 8, 2019

The Balance of Risk Reduction vs. Cost, and The Question of Exposure

Pragmatically examining exposure as part of the risk reduction process to prevent and mitigate risks without fear-uncertainty-and-doubt (FUD).

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Blog September 18, 2019

Extending NIST CSF and DoD CMMC by reference to the NIST SP 800-171Bdraft

Exploring how to map Department of Defense CMMC to NIST CSF, 800-82 and 800-171 for enhanced target security levels and controls.

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Blog September 5, 2019

Building the Technical Case for Validated Asset Profiles

OT cyber security requires a wider and deeper understanding of what assets are in an OT environment to proactively plan and execute much-needed security practices.

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Blog August 13, 2019

Vulnerability and Risk Monitoring in OT Cyber Security

Focus on the aspects of monitoring as they practically apply to an OT environment, and look at challenges with alternatives to vulnerability scanning.

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Blog July 26, 2019

Vulnerability Remediation and Prioritization

A unique approach for the most effective, OT-safe approach to remediation cyber risks in a vulnerability management program.

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Blog July 16, 2019

BigFix Software Integration

How BigFix software helps manage IT/OT convergence by safely applying proven technology safely into OT environments.

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