Turnkey Compliance Maintenance & Reporting

Cybersecurity requires a programmatic approach to be successful.  There are a range of standards to follow – some required by regulatory bodies such as NERC CIP, others are voluntary standards such as NIST CSF, 800-53, Center for Internet Security CSC20, IEC 62443, ISO 27001, ISA 99 and others.  Each has its pros and cons but all call for a foundation of core elements.

  • Asset inventory (HW, SW, OS, firmware, etc) and network access monitoring
  • Patch and Vulnerability management
  • Configuration hardening and management
  • Identity access management
  • Backup and Restore
  • Malware detection and prevention
  • Network Segmentation and proper access rights
  • Logging and security event monitoring
  • Training and Communication

Verve Industrial provides a turn-key solution to achieving compliance with any of these standards

Verve Security Center:

  • Open platform with integrations with almost all legacy compliance and security tools
  • Integrated platform that provides all the necessary security elements, designed with these standards in mind
  • IT and OT device coverage
  • Flexible enterprise compliance reporting modules for simple collection for compliance audits
  • Integration with best-in-breed ticketing systems

Managed services:

  • Assessment against all elements of the standards
  • Network segmentation and firewall design
  • End point inventory
  • Patch and vulnerability updates for hundreds of 3rd party apps