Get the deepest, broadest, most efficient asset inventory management solution for OT/ICS

Verve’s unique OT endpoint management solution provides a comprehensive view of inventory and security risks with:

  • Breadth: 100% endpoint visibility all the way down through backplanes
  • Depth: 1,000+ pieces of information collected on each asset
  • Efficiency: No TAP/SPAN ports for lower operational cost
  • Foundation: Seamlessly move from inventory to security management like patching, configuration management, etc.
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Asset Inventory: The Foundation of OT/ICS Security

Each step in security builds off the last, which is why it’s crucial to get the foundation of your cyber security program – asset inventory – right the first time.

The information needed for patching or configuration management relies on the depth and breadth of asset information gathered.

If you don’t plan for a comprehensive security program when doing your asset inventory, it will not be there when you need it. The robust asset inventory gives you the map on which to build your journey.


From Identification to True Security Management

Example: Vulnerability Analysis

Find specific vulnerabilities by asset type, criticality, location, history, and date to prioritize remediation efforts from a single platform.

  • Full visibility into all OT and IT assets
    • Including endpoints, configurations, networks, policies, and responses
    • Centralized display for efficient analysis
  • Detect unauthorized assets
    • See what’s connected to your network to maintain the integrity of your OT systems
  • Immediate response
    • Real-time discovery leads to rapid remediation to reduce risk

asset inventory

Customer Success

Verve has become our overall OT asset database. It gathers all our assets across all vendors and sites into a single, easy-to-use UI.

Director of Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, A Major US Midwest Utility

IT OT Asset Inventory

ICS asset inventory acts as the foundation to a successful endpoint management program for OT/ICS.

A robust asset inventory provides stronger vulnerability insight and management of potential risks. If developed correctly, asset inventory is an immensely valuable data source that comes full circle in setting up the dozens of cyber security best practices, insights, decision making and planning tasks you are expected to make for a long-term, successful cyber security program.

Read more about Verve’s IT OT asset inventory and management solution.

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