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Verve Industrial Protection Named Top Cybersecurity Solution in 2020

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News February 4, 2021

Verve Industrial and aDolus Partner to Reduce ICS Software Supply Chain Risk

aDolus Technology Inc., a global authority on software intelligence for critical infrastructure, today announced its partnership with Verve Industrial, a leading industrial control system management and cyber security provider.

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News February 4, 2021

What OSHA can teach us about cybersecurity

Many of the lessons and changes applied to manufacturing after the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 can be applied to the growing challenge manufacturers face with industrial cybersecurity. Three keys to improving cybersecurity are highlighted.

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News February 3, 2021

Verve featured in Buyer Guide 2021 for Industrial Cybersecurity Services

Verve is featured in and Takepoint Research’s 2021 Buyer Guide for Industrial Cybersecurity Services. The guide is intended to answer some initial questions to help industrial enterprises make informed decisions on where to begin when it comes to securing OT/ICS environments, and how to integrate Industrial cybersecurity into an organization’s overall cybersecurity and risk management programs.

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News February 1, 2021

OT Companies Must Focus on Data Security and Recovery in 2021

This is part of an ongoing 2021 predictions series. We’ve asked top cyber experts to contribute their insights and expertise to provide a look ahead at what the new year may bring to cybersecurity.

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News January 26, 2021

Ransomware Disrupts Operations at Packaging Giant WestRock

Incident is another reminder of how vulnerable OT environments are to attack, security experts say.

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News January 25, 2021

Verve Industrial named as a Top Security Management Solution

This article showcases Threat.Technology’s top picks for the best Security Management solutions.

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News January 13, 2021

Market Guide for Operational Technology Security

Operational technology security products and services continue to evolve rapidly. Gartner provides security and risk management leaders with an overview of the state of the OT security market and recommendations to leverage the evolving landscape of available OT security offerings.

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News December 15, 2020

2020 Annual Review: Industrial and IOT Security by SichereIndustrie

Hear from 16 industry experts, including Ron Brash on topics such as which security incident was most relevant, how the ICS security scene was perceived, best guess on next year’s threat/incident landscape, and how security should adapt to new developments.

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News December 9, 2020

Winter Driving as a Comparison to Ransomware Realities

The snowbank is inevitable, detection is too late, but proper proactive prevention and recovery strategies reduce the impact and likelihood. And it’s the same with ransomware.

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News, Podcast December 6, 2020

Ron Brash: Problem Fixer in Critical Infrastructure [OT]

Ron Brash joined The CyberWire podcast to discuss how he started his career in industrial cyber security, what he’s working on now, and advice for others in ICS security.

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News December 3, 2020

Cyber Incident Response – Take a Walk on the Human Side and a Look at the CIRP (Canada’s Cyber Incident Response Plan)

Anyone who has heard me (Jennifer Lyn Walker) speak (on the Cyber Threat Briefing, at a conference, or podcast) knows that I like to focus on the human side of cybersecurity. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that this post – Tackle the Human Side of Incident Response with SOAR and Threat Intelligence – by Flashpoint resonates with me.

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News December 1, 2020

OT Vulnerability Management – When Patching isn’t Preferred (or even possible)

Patching in the OT environment is a perpetual predicament, but passing over patches is permanently problematic. Simply ignoring a patch because it is impractical or impossible to implement is profoundly poor policy. So what are the preferred practices when patching isn’t possible? According to Verve Industrial, the options greatly depend on whether the system you intend to remediate has embedded…

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