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Verve Added to the DHS CDM APL with Distinction Following Independent, Third-Party Evaluation

Verve Added to the DHS CPL ADM with Distinction Following Independent, Third-Party Evaluation
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News October 14, 2021

Safeguarding your assets in a world of IT-OT convergence

In this episode of The Tool Belt, Rick Kaun examines what the reality of IT/OT convergence looks like on a day-to-day level.

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News October 12, 2021

Q&A with Rick Kaun: Navigating the New TSA Directive for Pipelines

Rick discusses the second TSA directive relative to cyber security and its comparison to NERC CIP guidelines for pipelines.

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News October 11, 2021

3 Steps to Reduce Risk and Respond to Threats in Industrial Environments

How to determine the overall objectives of OT security before taking action that may not lead to true security improvement.

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News October 10, 2021

James Green - Ranken Technical College

James Green shares how his cyber security career developed out of his experience from Ranken Technical College.

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News October 5, 2021

ICS Security Experts Share Tales From the Trenches

ICS experts share their interesting stories from the field – making for a good read and useful information and insight for practitioners.

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News October 1, 2021

Turning cybersecurity into profit

Webinar Preview: The presenters discuss how security can become a positive force and how we can change mindsets to buy into this approach.

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Press Release September 23, 2021

Verve Industrial Protection Joins ServiceNow Partner Program

Enabling industrial organizations to enhance OT network visibility into inventory and manage OT assets

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News September 22, 2021

Three ways IT/OT convergence is critical to industrial cybersecurity success

Here are three day-to-day functions where IT/OT convergence will help with risk reduction and improve your chances of success.

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News September 10, 2021

Careers in Cyber Security: The World Needs More Defenders

Advanced technologies like AI and machine learning get a lot of attention, but it’s core skills in systems management that hold the key to protecting our systems

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News September 9, 2021

Overcome the obstacles of network security in the age of IT-OT convergence

In this installment of Automation Zone, think global but act local when it comes to OT security.

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News September 1, 2021

Four key steps to help your organization achieve IT-OT convergence

To bring IT security into the OT environment and achieve robust security management, here are four key steps to create IT-OT convergence.

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News August 30, 2021

Vulnerability Disclosure Programs Need to Get Organized

Most product vulnerabilities are now discovered not by the affected vendor, but by outside sources like third-party researchers, and they’re all over the map.

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