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Rockwell Automation completes acquisition of cybersecurity software and services company Verve Industrial Protection

Rockwell Automation acquires Verve Industrial
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News April 3, 2022

Adapting NIST SP 1800-10 to provide information, system integrity in ICS environments at manufacturing sites

As manufacturing environments modernize systems, infrastructure integrates with other IT systems, introducing automated methods to strengthen their OT asset management capabilities. However, these enhancements come at the price of having to bolster their cyber defenses to protect their people, data, and operations.

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News, Podcast March 29, 2022

Creating a Cyber Security Career in Production Environments

Derek Harp interviews Rick Kaun about his career, the decisions he made that led him to where he is today, and some gold nuggets of career advice.

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News February 28, 2022

ICS Advisory (ICSA-21-231-02) Baker Hughes Bently Nevada 3500

Vulnerability discovered by Verve’s Nicolas Harsey and Ron Brash in Bently Nevada (Baker Hughes subsidiary).

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News February 24, 2022

War: 'Alarm Bells Ringing For Cyberattacks’

The Russia/Ukraine war presents a cyber component that has, and will, come into play.

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News February 22, 2022

How Cybercriminals Break Into Food & Beverage Plants

Food and beverage processors want to rethink their approach to cybersecurity and vulnerability management, but it’s a daunting task as automation, data gathering and remote access become more ubiquitous and important in the industry.

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News February 11, 2022

Five Principles for Guiding OT Cybersecurity Governance

Five principles to establish the right operational technology (OT) cybersecurity governance model for an industrial organization can create a more secure environment.

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News February 8, 2022

How ‘Think Global: Act Local’ can help manage OT security through COVID-19

This architecture is tailor-made to allow effective security and OT systems management in this time of physical distancing.

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News February 4, 2022

Lack of qualified cybersecurity personnel for critical infrastructure

Recommendations to protect OT systems in critical infrastructure environments where skilled OT security personnel are lacking.

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News January 20, 2022

Five steps for OT endpoint security success

Organizations need endpoint security and protection to stop ransomware in its tracks, but also to demonstrate improvement and secure baselines to various stakeholders.

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News January 3, 2022

The future of OT cybersecurity’s regulatory era

Recent cyber-related events like Colonial Pipeline, JBS Meats and SolarWinds changed the game on requirements in OT cybersecurity. Here’s what’s required to increase efficiency in monitoring and remediation efforts.

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News December 21, 2021

Remote Access Cybersecurity Management

The next big cybersecurity challenge for manufacturers is how to secure the remote access points that have been implemented on the plant floor during the pandemic before hackers can exploit these new channels into the organization.

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News December 11, 2021

New concepts to reduce the risk of ransomware in IIoT environments

The way you approach different cyber-attacks differs for protection and detection. Here’s how to tackle ransomware threats in IIoT.

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