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2022 ICS Advisory Year in Review

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Blog October 17, 2022

CISA's ICS Advisories - September 2022

Amid CISA’s cybersecurity awareness month, Verve researchers analyzed the latest ICS advisories from September 2022.

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Blog October 12, 2022

Achieve Vendor Agnostic OT Endpoint Security

OT endpoint management is necessary to protect the world’s critical infrastructure from cyber-related threats. The unique characteristics of these networks, combined with the processes they control, make running traditional endpoint protection solutions very difficult. As a result of these challenges, organizations often see OT endpoint security as too time-consuming or even impossible. However, there is a way to approach endpoint…

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End-to-End OT Patch Management Process

To address these common challenges with vulnerability and patch management, Verve designed a six-step end-to-end patching process safe for OT environments. Designed by industrial control system experts, it allows for global automation with control at the local level.  

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Blog September 15, 2022

CISA’s ICS Advisories – August 2022

To provide more information on the evolving threat landscape for ICS, Verve’s research team analyzed the various ICS advisories and CVEs that were released in August 2022.

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End-to-End Patch Management Program

Patch management in an operational technology (OT)/industrial control system (ICS) setting is full of challenges.  From proprietary hardware and software to a lack of staff, inadequate or non-existent testing equipment, and regulatory reporting and system maintenance, many organizations struggle to determine what is in scope. This results in unpatched systems, lack of visibility to risk status, compliance fines, significant labor…

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Blog September 6, 2022

Q&A with Rick Kaun: Managing OT Regulatory Requirements

In this Q&A, Rick answers nine questions from our webinar audience about their concerns around preparing for unseen audits, applying OT-safe remediation tactics, and how Verve managed regulatory requirements.

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Data Sheet

NIST CSF Mapping to Verve Security Center

How the NIST Cyber Security Framework standards map to Verve Industrial’s OT/ICS cyber security platform.

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5 Steps to Greater Security Maturity with NIST CSF

This guide and the accompanying case study provide a roadmap to using the CSF to drive greater cybersecurity maturity in control systems.

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Managing prescriptive and auditable regulations in OT environments (such as TSA)

Learn how to address prescriptive cyber security requirements and create efficient means to secure OT environments.

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Blog July 18, 2022

Should You Start with Network or Endpoint in OT Security?

OT/ICS security teams hear different perspectives from different groups and are often left confused as to the best place to begin.

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Blog July 15, 2022


What is the MITRE ATT&CK framework, how does it relate to NIST CSF, how can they be used together, and how does Verve Industrial assist with MITRE ATT&CK?

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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding OT Security

What is OT security, how does it work, and where should you start when building a robust OT cyber security program?

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