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Blog January 8, 2021

SolarWinds: Implications of Compromised Supply Chain Security

Following the SolarWinds software incident, what lessons can asset owners learn from published causation and guidance – and how can product owners get more to help secure their customers?

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Case Study

Managed Services Case Study

Discover how a top 10 North American power generation company made dramatic improvements in cyber security maturity with Verve’s managed services.

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Data Sheet

Asset Inventory Data Sheet

Find out how Verve gathers the deepest and broadest visibility available for OT/ICS endpoints

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Blog December 21, 2020

Network Stack Fuzzing: Amnesia 33 and MCUs (siblings to CPUs in most IACS devices)

MCU-based devices are not really the same as a PLC with an MMU and stack-to-device vulnerability matching isn’t as bad as it seems.

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Blog December 15, 2020

OT Cyber Security Technology Investment: Gifts That Keep on Giving

This holiday season, give a gift or make an investment that is beneficial to organizations tackling industrial cyber security.

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How to Defend, Detect and Recover from OT Ransomware

With ransomware cyber security attacks on the rise, it’s important to understand why attackers use this method, what its impacts are for an OT/ICS environment, and how to minimize risk for your organization. By 2021, a ransomware attack will take place every 11 seconds. In the last year, 51% of businesses were impacted by ransomware – just ask Maersk, Mondelez,…

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OT Endpoint Protection Whitepaper

Endpoint protection is a critical element of all cybersecurity programs but has traditionally been hard to execute in industrial control systems (or operating technology) environments. Leveraging our 25-year experience in ICS engineering, Verve Industrial Protection built an endpoint protection solution that addresses the unique criteria and challenges of OT environments. This paper summarizes that solution.

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Blog December 10, 2020

4 OT/ICS Security Patching Lessons Learned from a Decade of Experience

Our extensive experience in patch management security led us to develop a range of learnings that we leverage in our work, and that others in industrial environments can benefit from when it comes to patching OT systems.

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Blog December 2, 2020

Adding Recovery to Operational Technology Incident Response

Ron Brash’s response to Public Safety Canada’s recent guidance to an OT and IT Cyber Incident Response Plan (CIRP)

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Blog December 1, 2020

Defend Against Ransomware with a 360-Degree OT Vulnerability Management Program

What is OT/ICS vulnerability management, why is it critical in cyber security, and what role does it play in ransomware defense and protection?

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Case Study

Distributed Generation Energy Case Study

How Verve Industrial serves the distributed generated energy industry with distributed asset management and centralized reporting for effective OT security.

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Blog November 24, 2020

Can't Apply A Software Patch? Try These 5 Alternatives

When you can’t patch, or rip and replace your ICS equipment or software, control your environment to control your risk.

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