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Blog March 17, 2021

Ratchet Down Risk With a Strategic Approach to Fearsome Vuln Advisories

Strong OT systems management and a robust security program are key when faced with dire warnings like ICS-CERT’s recent Rockwell red flags.

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How to Achieve IT Security in OT Environments

During our last webinar, “IT is from Mars, OT is from Venus,” we shared how to bring IT and OT together to solve the critical challenges of OT security. This webinar continues this storyline but focuses on the practical aspects of ”how-to” deliver the same functionalities as expected in IT in an OT environment. Download this on-demand webinar to hear…

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Blog, News March 8, 2021

Verve Recognized as Leading Cybersecurity Product in 2021 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

Verve is honored to receive four gold awards and two silver awards in the 2021 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards and to be recognized as a leading cyber security product or service across six different categories.

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Find & Protect Hidden Flaws in OT Security

IT-based vulnerability detection solutions often miss more OT vulnerabilities than they detect – or they generate an unmanageable flood of false positives, wasting your already over-stretched cyber resources. This webinar aims to show how decades of OT product naming inconsistency limits the ability of traditional vulnerability tools to determine which of your assets are affected by a vulnerability – or…

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Don’t Be Passive About OT Security

Learn why OT systems management is a better solution than passive detection for managing OT security environments.

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Blog February 23, 2021

The Future of OT Security: OT Systems Management

Learn why there’s an increasing need for OT security to adopt the core elements of IT Systems & Security Management in the coming years.

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Blog February 18, 2021

Texas Power Grid & Supply Chain Risk

How winter weather highlighted a key cyber risk to the Texas power grid

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Blog February 15, 2021

Gaps in Supply Chain Cyber Security Demand a New Approach

In relation to supply chain security issues, Verve predicts many asset owners and researchers will assess more device firmware for inherently insecure components.

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2020 ICS Advisory Report

This document was performed as a summary piece highlighting the last two years of ICS advisories in an in-depth way.  All reasonable efforts were made to analyze the data and create an informative piece such that any consumers can apply their own interpretations or actions.  No warranties or guarantees are provided. Download the 2020 ICS Advisory Report for a robust…

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Blog February 11, 2021

Key Takeaways from 2020 ICS Vulnerabilities

Alice and the ICS Vulnerability Looking Glass – How to Avoid Going Down the Rabbit Hole with ICS Vulnerabilities

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The Ultimate Guide to Reading ICS Cyber Security Advisories Like A Pro

CVEs and advisories should not be scary – here are the basics to get anyone started.

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Data Sheet

Verve Competitive Comparison

See how Verve differentiates from other OT security vendor methods and approaches across visibility, assessment, protection, response, detection, reporting, services, support and cost.

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