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2022 ICS Advisory Year in Review

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Blog December 28, 2022

How to Prevent Ransomware in 2023

Learn how to prevent ransomware in OT/ICS industrial environments with 5 key steps to reduce the risk of an attack.

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Understanding EU's NIS2 Cybersecurity Directive

What is the NIS2 Directive for Cybersecurity in the European Union and how should critical infrastructure entities address their OT security program? Disclaimer: This report is based on the 2020 version of the regulation and will be updated to reflect the latest version once published.

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Understanding the NIS2 Directive for OT Cyber Security

In this webinar, we discuss the NIS2 directive and examine mandatory and optional NIS2 requirements.

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Blog December 12, 2022

CISA's ICS Advisories - October & November 2022

Amid CISA’s cybersecurity awareness month, Verve researchers analyzed the latest ICS advisories from October & November 2022.

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Case Study

Technology-Enabled Vulnerability Assessment in Chemicals Production

Verve Industrial delivers rapid and comprehensive OT cybersecurity risk assessment for a global chemicals company.  

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Blog December 7, 2022

How to Manage the Rising Cost of OT Cyber Insurance

Coverage that’s widely available and fairly priced requires insurers and their insured to work together on actionable OT baseline requirements.

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How to Create a Comprehensive OT Security Management Program and Technology Stack

Learn how to tackle the biggest risks and components of an OT security program and create a comprehensive roadmap.

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Event, Webinar June 21, 2023

Applying Network Segmentation to Secure OT Environments

CS2AI hosts Verve Industrial for a live online seminar discussing how to apply network segmentation in OT environments.

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Blog November 10, 2022

Prioritizing Vulnerability Remediation in OT Cybersecurity

Respond to growing OT vulnerabilities and put CISA’s guidance to improve ICS security into action for critical infrastructure industries.

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Leveraging Insurance as part of your OT Cybersecurity Strategy

How should organizations use cyber insurance in their OT cyber security strategy? What controls will insurers require to provide cover?

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Blog October 26, 2022

What is Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security?

Public and private organizations need to adapt their approach to cyber security for critical infrastructure. In this article, we’ll address the bigger risks and challenges associated with these complex environments and cyber-physical systems.

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Blog October 18, 2022

How to Efficiently and Effectively Achieve NERC CIP Compliance

What is NERC CIP and how is a successful NERC CIP compliance program structured for power utilities?

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