Rapid Assessment & Roadmap

Perhaps the most fundamental challenge OT security challenge most organizations have is building an appropriate roadmap to address their security vulnerabilities.  They need to understand not only where to start, but how to define where they want to go and how to get there.  They need to establisha target standard (if no compliance standard is required) and then assessing current state and the required roadmap to close any gaps.

Verve’s combined software and services capabilities bring together an innovative assessment methodology with the remediation planning and actions to reduce the cost and time to remediation.  Using our OT-safe tools, we are able to put agents on all OS based devices to give unparalleled visibility and control over those assets. We combine that with an innovative, efficient, and safe agentless communication with embedded devices (such as PLCs, relays, and networking equipment) to gather critical information on those assets.  This visibility into all assets allows for an instantaneous profile of those assets and their vulnerabilities.

From there, our Design-4-Defense services team helps clients build an appropriate roadmap of initiatives to remediate any vulnerabilities or security gaps over time.  This includes:

  • What vulnerabilities must we address?
  • What is the sequence of activities necessary to achieve success?
  • How do we measure progress over time?
  • What is the necessary financial and human resource budget to execute and maintain?

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