Rapid Assessment & Roadmap

Perhaps the most fundamental challenge most OT environments have is understanding not only where to start but where is it they are going and how much effort will it take to get there.  That is why we advocate the use of our unique approach to asset inventory.  Using OT tuned, OT safe tools, we are able to put agents on all OS based devices to give unparalleled visibility and control over those assets. We then couple those agents with a blend of off the shelf and proprietary technology to extend our inventory to embedded assets as well (read: networking and control equipment like relays, PLCs and controllers). This visibility into all assets allows for an instantaneous profile of those assets and, ultimately the information you need to answer what you have.  From there we take the asset information and overlay our security objectives thereby solving the three challenges above namely:

  • What do we have (how many, where, what kind)
  • Where do we want to go (Standards, Guidelines, Regulatory expectation)
  • How big is the gap?

A simple IP list of active devices without the rich, detailed analysis of the end points is not nearly as powerful or insightful.  Read our case study to learn more about how an agent based approach can not only provide you the information you need, but can then provide you the control you require by using those agents to harden and protect those very assets you know now you have.