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Rockwell Automation completes acquisition of cybersecurity software and services company Verve Industrial Protection

Rockwell Automation acquires Verve Industrial
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News May 13, 2021

Industrial Cybersecurity Lessons from the Colonial Pipeline Breach

As cyber-attacks on industry continue to increase, there’s plenty to learn about avoiding and mitigating the effects of a breach. Experts from cybersecurity providers Verve Industrial and Keyfactor offer their insights.

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News May 11, 2021

The Colonial ransomware is a foretelling lesson for manufacturing resiliency

At first, one might say “What does a ransomware attack on a pipeline have to do with manufacturing?”

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Press Release May 11, 2021

Horizon Controls Group Partners With Verve Industrial

New Agreement Improves Operational Technology Security Posture for Pharmaceutical Clients Wrestling With Expanding Threat Landscape

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News May 10, 2021

Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack: What Security Pros Need to Know

As the massive US pipeline operator works to restore operations after a DarkSide ransomware attack late last week, experts say it’s a cautionary tale for critical infrastructure providers.

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News May 3, 2021

#HowTo: Leverage Existing ICS Security Investments to Effectively Reduce Cyber Risk

Many companies can utilize current capabilities to make an effective improvement to their ICS cybersecurity posture.

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News May 3, 2021

The challenge of preventing human error in cybersecurity

Preventing human error in cybersecurity is an ongoing challenge for processors

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News April 29, 2021

Zero-Trust and the Rise of ICS, OT Security Threats

Cyberattacks on U.S. industrial control systems (ICS), targeting critical infrastructure and especially utilities, were already growing, but have accelerated with the Covid-19 pandemic.  

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News April 23, 2021

New Initiative to Protect U.S. Electrical Grid From Cyberattacks

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) this week kicked off a 100-day plan whose goal is to improve the cybersecurity of electric utilities — specifically their industrial control systems (ICS) — and secure the energy sector supply chain.

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News April 12, 2021

AI, machine learning and cybersecurity

Machine learning and AI help processors outsmart cybercriminals

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News April 8, 2021

Leading Power Producer Achieves OT Cybersecurity Compliance & Reliability with Verve Industrial

A leading power producer talks about how they were able to achieve more efficient and effective OT cybersecurity compliance with NERC CIP, as well as increased reliability in operations.

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News, Podcast April 5, 2021

Fight cyberattacks and their impacts with a strong response plan

In this episode of The Tool Belt, Thomas Wilk sits down with Ron Brash, director of Cyber Security Insights at Verve Industrial, to discuss cybersecurity trends in 2021. The conversation took on added urgency as last year’s data breach of the U.S. federal government came increasingly to light.

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News April 5, 2021

Why the Age of IIoT Demands a New Security Paradigm

As manufacturers modernize for data-driven business, industrial automation has become a target for cyber attacks. Here’s how companies should assess and plan for a new cybersecurity landscape.

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