2021 signaled a shift in government policies to more prescriptive regulatory requirements, such as the United States TSA guidelines for pipelines, rail and marine transport. It also brought an increase in awareness of the risks to industrial environments as ransomware events grew and manufacturing, healthcare, and power industries continued to be the target of many attacks.

To meet these growing regulatory requirements and defend our critical infrastructure from growing attacks, we need an approach that goes beyond perimeter segmentation or network detection. We need to take a “pro-active” approach that protects these sensitive environments.

In this webinar, we will describe how industrial organizations can achieve regulatory compliance as well as increased defensive measures within these sensitive OT environments.  Key topics covered will teach you how to:

  • Address OT regulatory requirements such as consistent vulnerability and patch management
  • Manage endpoint risks effectively through considering mitigating controls and operational realities
  • Deliver on CISO/IT security requirements on sensitive OT networks

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