According to Gartner Research, digitalization and connectivity introduced in industrial and digital environments such as industrial control systems (ICS) and/or initiatives related to the deployment of IoT devices, are among some of the key expanding use cases impacting security. New vulnerabilities, weak access control or poor configuration settings, can potentially allow malicious actors to carry out new styles of innovative attacks — in both logical and physical realms — driving the emergence of new security solutions.

Attack Surface Management (ASM) is the practice of identifying, prioritizing, remediating and maintaining security to reduce the possibility for attacks. It is different from traditional vulnerability management in that it approaches the problem from the eye of the attacker to identify those paths that are most vulnerable to prioritize defenses.

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  • How Attack Surface Management applies to OT/ICS environments
  • How successful companies leverage ASM tactics to improve security while reducing total cost protection
  • How to get your company started on its efforts around ASM in OT