New trends such as the increase of remote work, IIoT devices, and the adoption of cloud-based tools creates a higher possibility of cyber-attacks, and organizations are looking for practical solutions to keep their sensitive OT systems protected.

By understanding the top trends effecting OT security in 2024, organizations can better protect their organization by learning practical strategies and solutions to stay ahead. The best approach is to develop a long-term security strategy built on a solid foundation that is resilient, proactive, and ensures the overall reliability of their OT systems.

During this on-demand webinar, Verve’s VP Solutions, Rick Kaun, and Rockwell Automation’s Senior Global Product Manager – Cybersecurity Services, Nicholas Creath discuss how to:

• Discover the top OT security trends that can potentially threaten the reliability of your organization’s sensitive OT environments
• Create comprehensive policies and procedures to strengthen your organization’s overall current OT cyber posture
• Develop a practical, long-term OT security strategy to withstand future threats

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