As new OT vulnerability alerts and threats arise, CISA, ICS-CERT and other government agencies are releasing more and more advisories about these new and emerging threats. These advisories and the new threats and vulnerabilities can be overwhelming to understaffed OT cyber security teams. The good news is that CISA’s recommendations of how to address these emerging risks remain consistent. They focus on OT cybersecurity fundamentals such as segmentation, user access management, patch management, etc.

While these tactics can be operationally challenging, cyber security fundamentals do not need to change each time a new alert or advisory is released.  The common core elements remain the same.

This presentation reviews these common fundamentals as well as discusses how to operationalize these efficiently, effectively, and consistently in OT environments.  You will gain an understanding of the importance of both ALERTING on new vulnerabilities and threats, but also the ACTION of how to remediate those. Rather than reacting to the latest advisory and threat, you will learn how successful organizations build consistent cyber practices that address existing and emerging threats.

During this session, you will walk away with learnings of how to:

  • Apply CISA’s key recommendations for protecting industrial control systems
  • Execute against core cyber security principles for OT environments
  • Monitor and measure improvement of your cyber security program

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