Software patching is often thought of as a basic cyber security process. On the surface, it appears to be straightforward: simply apply updates to your systems. But as it turns out, patching is not so straightforward after all, especially in industrial/OT environments.  In fact, it is likely the single most time-consuming task that industrial operators face in adhering to regulatory expectations.

To address these common challenges with vulnerability and patch management, Verve designed a six-step end-to-end patching process safe for OT environments. Designed by industrial control system experts, it allows for global automation with control at the local level.

Watch this on-demand to learn:

  • The differences between IT patching techniques and OT patching practices
  •  How automatically identifying and monitoring patch deployment reduces time and effort (in an OT-safe way)
  • Practical and efficient ways to deploy patches in these sensitive environments
  • Ways to reduce risk to OT systems and regulatory standing

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