Perimeter controls, behavioral monitoring and threat intelligence are all well-established and valuable components of any security program.  But let’s be perfectly clear: significant residual risk still resides on many OT assets.  From the obvious challenges of non-patched systems to less obvious but equally risky factors such as dormant admin accounts, unnecessary/problematic software, system configuration and even employee-driven ‘workarounds’ the hundreds and thousands of assets within operating environments around the world host a ton of risk.  The reason is because actually reducing risk on these endpoints has traditionally been challenging, manually executed and poorly maintained.  The good news is that there is an OT safe, scalable, accurate and automated way to rapidly reduce risk.   Join Rick Kaun, VP of Solutions as he shares what organizations around the world of all sizes are doing to:

  • Automate the collection and contextualization of rich asset profiles
  • Use this 360-degree view of operational assets to accurately identify, prioritize and plan remedial actions
  • Automate, with OT oversight, actions from patch deployment to implementing compensating controls (least privilege)
  • Track and Report in near real-time on the above from a single pane of glass for all assets across the fleet