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2022 ICS Advisory Year in Review

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Blog February 24, 2020

Prioritizing OT Cyber Security Spend during Budget Cuts

Increase the ROI of your OT cyber security investments when working with limited budgets. Here’s how to prioritize your industrial cyber spend.

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Blog February 24, 2020

Cybersecurity Excellence Awards: Verve Industrial Wins 4 Gold Awards in 2020

In the 2020 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, the Verve Security Center won four gold awards for ICS/SCADA, Vulnerability Management, Security Management, and Integrated Risk Management.

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Blog February 20, 2020

How 20 Years of Cyber Security Incidents Inform Future Strategy

An assessment of the history of OT cyberattacks and how it shapes the future industrial cybersecurity experience in ICS environments.

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Blog February 18, 2020

ICS Pwn2Own: Do Asset Owners Find Value?

How does vulnerability identification benefit OT asset owners? Does the annual ICS Pwn2Own contest leave us with more questions than answers?

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Blog February 12, 2020

Mitigating Insider Threats to OT Environments

How Carnegie Mellon’s Common Sense Guide to Mitigating Insider Threats protects critical infrastructure and industrial control systems

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Blog February 4, 2020

CVSS Scores: Is it effective for ICS Vulnerabilities in OT?

Are CVSS scores useful or useless? A look into the advantages and disadvantages of CVSS scores and CVEs when managing both IT and OT systems.

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Blog January 28, 2020

Cyber Conference: 9 Trends from S4x20's ICS Event

The world of industrial cybersecurity is evolving, and S4x20 offers a place for open discussion and debate around OT best practices, trends and threats.

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Blog January 16, 2020

RDP Access: 8 Ways to Protect Against Remote Vulnerabilities

With remote desktop vulnerabilities on the rise, we’re sharing eight actions you can take to secure your OT assets from exposure.

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Blog December 31, 2019

IT OT Convergence: 3 Things OT Should Immediately Adopt from Current IT Trends

OT teams should adopt IT trends like real-time inventory databases, automation of security remediation and centralized support teams for OT environments.

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Blog December 19, 2019

The Value of Empirical Evidence to Quantify OT Cyber Risk

Providing OT or system-specific context to true, ICS Cyber Security Risk

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