New brand, logo and website reflect growing importance of Industrial Control Protection – cybersecurity, reliability, and compliance

ST. LOUIS, MO and CHICAGO – January 18, 2017 – RKNeal, LLC, a leader in industrial control systems, announces today that it is changing its operating name to Verve Industrial Protection. This new brand reflects the company’s increasing focus on helping industrial clients protect critical assets from cybersecurity threats while maintaining its core strength in industrial automation engineering.

For over 25 years, RKNeal has provided practical, scalable, cost effective industrial control systems solutions to clients in power, chemicals, energy, and basic materials.   The team of control system engineers is recognized by clients for their customer commitment and expertise in all brands of OEM equipment and enjoys a 97% customer retention rate.

Over the past ten years, the company has built on this industrial controls expertise to help clients address the growing challenges of cybersecurity and compliance in control system networks.  The company was the first industrial controls engineering firm to embed cybersecurity and compliance requirements into every engineering project.  In addition, the company built its flagship cybersecurity software product, Verve Security Center, based on its knowledge from 25 years of field-tested engineering.

Today RKNEAL, LLC announced that it is rebranding to now be known as Verve Industrial Protection.  Verve Industrial Protection (“VIP”) encompasses three integrated software and service offerings: 1) Design-4-Defense industrial controls engineering & design services, 2) Verve Security Center software platform, and 3) Managed Asset Protection Services.  Together, these solutions allow Verve to help customers build true defense in depth, protect their critical assets and maximize operational uptime.

The Verve Security Center was “built by ICS engineers for ICS engineers.”  It is a vendor agnostic security suite that consolidates antivirus, application whitelisting, change & configuration management, security information & event management (SIEM), patch management, vulnerability assessments, intrusion detection, backup management, compliance, workflow and document management into a unified solution.   As new technology arises, Verve can adapt to these new features without rewriting complete applications. It simplifies the complexity of protecting these critical assets and is deployed in over a dozen customers and protects thousands of cyber assets.

This rebranding does not indicate a reduced commitment to the traditional industrial controls engineering. “Verve Industrial Protection reflects our commitment to bringing a focus of security, reliability and compliance to all of our clients.  We understand clients need more than just one-time engineering. They are looking for an integrated services and software solution to ensuring their processes continue to operate safely and reliably.” said John Livingston, CEO.

Verve Industrial Protection counts some of the largest and most forward thinking power companies in the US and is currently working with a score of other industries and interested parties in other industries and, most recently, has begun expanding into Europe, the Middle East and Canada.  Bob Bevis, CTO says “We are very proud of what we have built with our clients as our solutions always represent simple yet powerful collaborations and innovations in the way things have been traditionally done.  We are excited to bring these capabilities to global operators of industrial assets.”


About Verve Industrial Protection: Verve Industrial Protection is a specialist in designing and protecting industrial control systems.  The company has 25 years’ experience in design and maintenance of control systems.  Its cybersecurity offering, Verve Security Center, is the leading solution to bring together full visibility and protection into one integrated console.  For more information, please email us at [email protected], or visit us at

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