A top 10 chemicals producer deployed the Verve Security Center across more than 500 sites to provide global asset inventory, vulnerability assessment, and risk remediation from a single platform. The chemical manufacturer evaluated multiple vendor types (such as script-based, passive detection, and OEMs), but selected Verve for the depth of visibility, integration remediation action, and ease of use. With Verve’s support, the client deployed to over 500 locations in less than three months – no hardware required.


A global chemicals company with over 500 global sites needed an asset visibility solution for accurate inventory and risk management. They needed a cloud-based solution to work with their digital transformation initiatives, as well as an OT/ICS designed platform to ensure no disruption in remote operations.

The solution needed to be easy to deploy remotely from the cloud as a large number of sites were unmanned. Finally, they required a centralized interface for data capture analysis and reporting.


The Verve Security Center provides global, vendor-agnostic visibility and enables the acceleration of security maturity even faster with integrated remediation. It connects with third-party security tools such as anti-virus and backups for more robust visibility of risk. After a robust proof-of-concept process, Verve’s platform-based architecture proved to have the deepest asset visibility in addition to security maturity acceleration in areas such as patching, configuration hardening, and user and account management.

Without the need for hardware or special scripts, the cloud architecture enables a more rapid, low-cost, and easier to use solution than alternative solutions.


During a comprehensive pilot phase, the OT and IT teams tested the agent against all OEM platforms to confirm it had no impact on operations. When this proved effective, they deployed the Verve Security Center to over 500 sites within three months with two centralized resources.

The result was improved visibility to the vulnerabilities and risks on their devices, allowing them to begin remediation immediately. The chemical manufacturer also significantly advanced their manual patch deployment process by using Verve to import OEM-approved patches, distribute them to the sites, and automate their deployment with the partnership of local OT/ICS resources. The cloud-based, agent-agentless architecture delivered low cost, rapid security improvements, and deep asset inventory in a matter of months.

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