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Using IEC 62443 to Secure OT Systems: The Ultimate Guide

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Blog August 26, 2020

Prioritizing Asset Risk Management in OT Security

Learn how an OT asset risk prioritization platform with 360-degree asset risk management and remediation improves security efficiency.

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Blog August 11, 2020

Is Patch Management Relevant in OT/ICS Cyber Security?

How does patch management fit into broader ICS risk management in OT cyber security, and how does it compare to standard IT patching processes?

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Blog August 4, 2020

5 OT Vulnerability Management Challenges (and How to Overcome Them)

Common challenges to vulnerability management in OT cyber security and ways to overcome them to create safer industrial and operational environments.

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Blog July 29, 2020

What is an OT SIEM and How is it Different from IT SIEM?

Industrial companies maturing their enterprise cyber security programs often ask: what is an OT SIEM, do I need it and how does it integrate with IT SIEM?

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Blog July 8, 2020

Challenges of Using Anomaly Detection Tools for Asset Inventory

Use a contextual IT OT asset inventory management tool to build a foundation to propel your ICS cyber security journey.

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Blog June 23, 2020

7 Steps to Protect Against Ripple20 Vulnerabilities in OT/ICS

What is Ripple20, how does it affect vulnerable systems in OT environments, and how can you manage vulnerabilities in ICS cyber security?

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Blog June 16, 2020

Why is OT Systems Management Critical to ICS Systems Security?

How OT security leaders such as the CIO and CISO can apply IT Systems Management into ICS systems security into a new approach called OT Systems Management

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Blog June 2, 2020

OT Systems Management: Defining Policies and Procedures

To conduct OT cyber security with effective OT systems management, establish policies and procedures that match the specific OT environment of your organization.

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Blog May 28, 2020

How to Be Selective About Remote Access in OT Cyber

Remote access is not just about using a VPN or user accounts, but both remote endpoints, portals and systems contained within site infrastructure

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Blog May 24, 2020

Managing ICS Endpoint Security During COVID-19

4 steps for greater OT endpoint protection during the novel coronavirus pandemic

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