With the level and advancement of cyber threats present today, your industrial organization needs a robust cybersecurity solution. You want a cyber program that works for your specific needs, wants, and concerns. While there are a lot of solutions out there, the Verve Security Center stands out for four reasons.


Who is Verve Industrial Protection?

Verve Industrial Protection had its beginnings in 1994 when it was founded as RKNeal Engineering. In 2008, the focus shifted to helping industrial clients protect their critical assets from cybersecurity threats.

At that time, we identified cyber risks inherent in older control systems as more and more networks were exposed to external sources of data. We were particularly concerned with the fact that cyber security was fragmenting across OEM vendors and various cyber threat management tools.

To solve this, we set out to build a unified monitoring and remediation console that would allow practitioners to view and manage their cyber security from a single, vendor-neutral security suite. We called it the Verve Security Center.

In 2016, we rebranded to become Verve Industrial Protection to reflect our continuously growing focus on cybersecurity.

Improve your current cybersecurity network with the Verve Security Center

We understand the various challenges industrial organizations face in the ICS cybersecurity realm. Many organizations must meet compliance requirements like NERC-CIP. But even those that don’t have a compliance standard to meet face budgetary restrictions and pressure to meet production targets that can be seriously affected by security issues.

The combination of these various aspects can make the orchestration of ICS cybersecurity incredibly complex. Not to mention the growing amount and advancements of cyber threats. At Verve, we noticed a trend emerging in industrial organizations who were balancing these issues.

The old saying “do more with less” applies here in a slightly different way. In the world of ICS cybersecurity, “do more with what you already have” is a fairly common adage. If this sounds familiar, you are likely one of the ICS practitioners tasked with obtaining better security and maintaining or bettering production using the same systems and tools you already have.

How to leverage the tools you already have for stronger cyber security protection

This is a monumental task, and the development of the Verve Security Center was dedicated to creating a solution that allows the management of your cybersecurity workflow, threats, and compliance from a single suite.

The goal was to provide industrial clients better value for their existing investment. A lot of organizations already have the tools they need in place, but getting the results they need out of those tools requires a lot of work and manual input. And it is understandable that if an investment has been made, you don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water.

The Verve Security Center is specifically designed to enhance your current tools into an even better and faster solution. We do this by automating the extension of the tools you’ve invested in to provide full coverage of the facility. The process includes a speed analysis and other reporting to ensure the best possible value from your investment.


What is the Verve Industrial advantage?

Aside from its ability to streamline and extend your investment, the Verve Security Center’s advantage comes from four key elements:

VSC: a single, unified console

Everyone appreciates when something complicated is made simpler. That was a goal in mind when creating the Verve Management Console, the most integral customer service part of the Verve Security Center.

The Management Console is a single interface that performs a wide variety of cybersecurity actions and procedures. So whether you want to deploy patches, capture a full-image backup, execute an antivirus scan, install agents or run a vulnerability assessment, you can do it all in a consistent manner.

“Our customers demand a product that is easy to setup and maintain. This is especially true if the customer wants to standardize their fleet. The Verve Management Console provides users with a single location to not only execute actions, but also gather evidence and generate reports. In addition, it allows our customers to automate many of the processes associated with compliance.” – Adam Brewer, VP Business Development

When implementing different technology, you risk using different solutions from different vendors for different equipment or issues that don’t always work together. These solutions make performing the various actions even more complicated. The Verve console provides a level of simplicity and flexibility that isn’t accessible in other cybersecurity products.


VSC: Designed to meet compliance requirements

If you’re facing compliance requirement for cybersecurity, your vendor’s solution may not be comprehensive enough to meet all of the conditions required.

The Verve Security Center is specifically designed to ensure your facility meets compliance standards such as NERC-CIP.

VSC: Vendor-Agnostic

Purchasing various vendor solutions gets you into murky water when they don’t work in tandem. As system integrators, nearly all of the facilities we walk into do not have the luxury of a single DCS or PLC system.

Instead, multiple controls platforms are present. For that reason, we made certain that the Verve Security Center is entirely vendor agnostic and able to support multiple DCS, PLC, and SCADA platforms.

Regardless of how many different systems you are running (we’ve protected a facility with eight different control systems present), the Verve solution will cover it.

There’s no need to worry about the warranty of equipment the Security Center has been applied to. It scales all equipment and the functions without voiding a warranty.


VSC: Geared towards control systems

Verve Industrial began as part of RKNeal, an industrial engineering firm. Founded on ICS, this area of expertise remains our core business today. Because of our extensive experience working in the ICS industry, we are able to truly understand what our clients need and want from a cybersecurity system.

When designing and developing the Verve Security Center, one of our guiding principles was to never impact or disrupt the operations environment. This forced us to take into account CPU usage and scalability, and to ensure the technologies we leverage never automatically reboot endpoints. It also allows us to setup vendor profiles based on our controls experience. We know what ports and services are required for each control system and can use predefined templates, saving our customers precious time.

This is why we pride ourselves on having the distinction of a Security Center built for ICS engineers by ICS engineers.


Get the Verve Advantage

The differentiators of our cybersecurity solution has been named the “Verve Advantage” because it is exactly that; an advantage. As a quick refresher, the Verve Security Center is a centralized security suite that consolidates multiple technologies into a single solution. These technologies include:

  • Antivirus
  • Application Whitelisting
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Change & Configuration Management
  • Patching
  • Backup Management
  • Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)
  • Compliance

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