Verve Industrial Protection partners with Magion for Benelux Industrial Cybersecurity

Verve Industrial Protection partners with Magion in the Benelux Countries for Industrial Cybersecurity
This week Magion announces its partnership with VERVE Industrial Protection, a RKNeal Engineering company. Both Magion and Verve have a solid background in process control and automation.
Verve has been in the controls engineering business for 25 years. Verve Industrial Protection encompasses three integrated software and service offerings: Design-4-Defense industrial control engineering, Verve Security Center software platform and Managed Asset Protection Services.
Together, these solutions help customers build true defense in depth and cover the critical areas of compliance required by regulators.
This union with Verve is Magion’s step forward into a strategy to move further into industrial cyber security operations, taking advantage of opportunities driven by the Industrial Internet of Things.
For more information regarding this partnership, please contact your Verve Industrial Protection or Magion representative.
Verve Industrial Protection is a provider of software and services for the process industries.
Magion is a system integrator in process control & automation engineering, production intelligence and optimization.


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Industrial Cybersecurity Industry Leader, Eric Byres, Joins Verve Industrial Protection as Senior Advisor

ST. LOUIS and CHICAGO, Jan. 31, 2017:  Verve Industrial Protection, formerly known as RKNeal, is pleased to announce the appointment of Eric Byres P.Eng, ISA Fellow, as Senior Advisor.  Mr. Byres will work with the leadership of the company on product and strategic matters in the arena of industrial cybersecurity and protection.

Mr. Byres has a tremendous track record as a leader in ICS cybersecurity.  As the inventor of the Tofino Security technology, Eric and his partner Joann guided the product through its evolution from academic research project and startup to successful acquisition by Belden Inc. Today it is probably the most widely deployed ICS-specific firewall in the world.

Eric is also known for his leadership in international standards and research for ICS/SCADA security. As the founder of the BCIT Critical Infrastructure Security Centre, he shaped it into one of North America’s leading academic facilities in ICS security, culminating in a SANS Institute Security Leadership Award in 2006. He was the founding chair of the ISA SP-99 Security Technologies Working Group, and the Canadian representative for the IEC TC65/WG10 standards effort.

“We are thrilled that Eric has agreed to join us as we push forward in our vision to help secure industrial control systems.  Eric’s willingness to commit his valuable time to our company will help us expand our leading industrial cybersecurity solutions,” said John Livingston, CEO of Verve Industrial Protection.

Mr. Byres will focus helping expand the capabilities of Verve Industrial’s flagship product, Verve Security Center (VSC).  VSC is a vendor agnostic platform that consolidates antivirus, application whitelisting, change & configuration management, security information & event management (SIEM), patch management, vulnerability assessments, intrusion detection, backup management, and compliance evidence management.   VSC unifies threat intelligence into a single console simplifying the complexity of ICS security and compliance.

“I am excited to help the Verve team expand on the success that they have to date,” said Mr. Byres. “The industrial world really needs a solution like Verve Security Center.  It is the only fully integrated security platform that I have seen that was built by ICS engineers for ICS engineers.  It was designed with the security challenges of the plant floor in mind. Verve’s the foundation that will allow companies to start creating an active defense that truly “closes the loop” on ICS security.”

About Verve Industrial Protection:  Verve has been in the controls engineering business for 25 years. Verve Industrial Protection (“VIP”) encompasses three integrated software and service offerings: 1) Design-4-Defense industrial controls engineering & design, 2) Verve Security Center software platform, and 3) Managed Asset Protection Services.  Together, these solutions help customers build true defense in depth and cover the critical areas of compliance required by regulators.

For more information, visit or contact Rick Kaun at or 615-476-1801.


RKNeal Launches Verve Industrial Protection

New brand, logo and website reflect growing importance of Industrial Control Protection – cybersecurity, reliability, and compliance

ST. LOUIS, MO and CHICAGO – January 18, 2017 – RKNeal, LLC, a leader in industrial control systems, announces today that it is changing its operating name to Verve Industrial Protection. This new brand reflects the company’s increasing focus on helping industrial clients protect critical assets from cybersecurity threats while maintaining its core strength in industrial automation engineering.

For over 25 years, RKNeal has provided practical, scalable, cost effective industrial control systems solutions to clients in power, chemicals, energy, and basic materials.   The team of control system engineers is recognized by clients for their customer commitment and expertise in all brands of OEM equipment and enjoys a 97% customer retention rate.

Over the past ten years, the company has built on this industrial controls expertise to help clients address the growing challenges of cybersecurity and compliance in control system networks.  The company was the first industrial controls engineering firm to embed cybersecurity and compliance requirements into every engineering project.  In addition, the company built its flagship cybersecurity software product, Verve Security Center, based on its knowledge from 25 years of field-tested engineering.

Today RKNEAL, LLC announced that it is rebranding to now be known as Verve Industrial Protection.  Verve Industrial Protection (“VIP”) encompasses three integrated software and service offerings: 1) Design-4-Defense industrial controls engineering & design services, 2) Verve Security Center software platform, and 3) Managed Asset Protection Services.  Together, these solutions allow Verve to help customers build true defense in depth, protect their critical assets and maximize operational uptime.

The Verve Security Center was “built by ICS engineers for ICS engineers.”  It is a vendor agnostic security suite that consolidates antivirus, application whitelisting, change & configuration management, security information & event management (SIEM), patch management, vulnerability assessments, intrusion detection, backup management, compliance, workflow and document management into a unified solution.   As new technology arises, Verve can adapt to these new features without rewriting complete applications. It simplifies the complexity of protecting these critical assets and is deployed in over a dozen customers and protects thousands of cyber assets.

This rebranding does not indicate a reduced commitment to the traditional industrial controls engineering. “Verve Industrial Protection reflects our commitment to bringing a focus of security, reliability and compliance to all of our clients.  We understand clients need more than just one-time engineering. They are looking for an integrated services and software solution to ensuring their processes continue to operate safely and reliably.” said John Livingston, CEO.

Verve Industrial Protection counts some of the largest and most forward thinking power companies in the US and is currently working with a score of other industries and interested parties in other industries and, most recently, has begun expanding into Europe, the Middle East and Canada.  Bob Bevis, CTO says “We are very proud of what we have built with our clients as our solutions always represent simple yet powerful collaborations and innovations in the way things have been traditionally done.  We are excited to bring these capabilities to global operators of industrial assets.”


About Verve Industrial Protection: Verve Industrial Protection is a specialist in designing and protecting industrial control systems.  The company has 25 years’ experience in design and maintenance of control systems.  Its cybersecurity offering, Verve Security Center, is the leading solution to bring together full visibility and protection into one integrated console.  For more information, please email us at, or visit us at

RKNeal Orchestration Concept Published in ARC View

The risk of cyber incidents remains high for industrial plants and critical infrastructure. Many operators have invested in sophisticated cyber de-fenses, but most struggle to sustain them. Staffs are overwhelmed with the complexity of managing a never-ending stream of product patches and updates for a multitude of assets and security products.

Verve Security Center helps to cut through the confusion, minimize the effort and maximize accuracy and efficiency of an operational based cyber security program. Recently Verve worked with ARC to define and describe what has been coined an ‘orchestrated approach’ to cybersecurity. To read the full ARC view report click here.

Where To Find ICS Security Breach Data

It can be a struggle to find real data regarding what is going on in the ICS threat landscape. But if you know where to look, the data is out there. A recent article highlights 6 great resources:

For more for background on these ICS threat data sources, and the full article see: Where-to-Find-Hard-to-Get-Industrial-Security-Data

Protecting Industrial Control Systems: An Integrated Approach

Technical white paper

Through our work with critical infrastructure operators we have studied a significant number of security solutions offered to meet both the minimum regulatory requirements as well as the more stringent security requirements of industry leading companies. Our findings are not unsurprising, but unfortunately we did not find a solution that was comprehensive or offered the defense-in-depth strategy necessary for adequate protection.

The purpose of this white paper is to present a novel cyber security framework for deploying and managing best-in-breed cyber threat management products across multiple OEM vendors.

To read the full white paper, please click here.

Sonny Garg Joins Rkneal’s Board of Directors

Rkneal, LLC, a global leader in industrial control system (ICS) cyber security, today announced the appointment of Sunil (Sonny) Garg to its Board of Directors, effective immediately.

Sonny recently joined Uptake, an advanced industrial analytics company, to lead the energy solutions team. Prior to Uptake, Sonny spent 13 years at Exelon Corporation, a Fortune 125 company, in a variety of senior executive positions. Most recently, he was Chief Information and Innovation Officer (CIIO).

“We are thrilled to have Sonny join our Board of Directors,” said John Livingston, CEO at Rkneal. “His deep understanding of the unique ICS challenges facing both comprehensive cyber security and compliance, will help us continue to innovate in ways that strengthen and simplify the security of our customers.”

Rkneal’s flagship product, the Verve Security Center, is an inclusive platform that manages all of the critical elements of cyber security within an ICS environment. Its distinctive cross-vendor capability allows operation technology (OT) leaders to significantly reduce the costs and complexity of managing enterprise cyber defense from a single console.

“I am excited to help advise the Rkneal team as they continue to perfect their market leading solution,” said Garg. “As CIIO, I came in contact with numerous vendors offering cyber security solutions, but Verve is the first product that truly integrates best-of-breed technologies in a way that is both tailored to ICS environments as well as provides leading cyber protection.”


About Rkneal

Rkneal is a world-class engineering firm specializing in ICS systems, cyber security and technical services. Rkneal reinvented the ICS cyber security industry by fusing information technology (IT) with operation technology (OT) through the Verve Security Center. Verve version 4.0 is scheduled for release in late 2016. For more information, please visit us at, or follow us on LinkedIn.

What Specific NERC CIP Standards Does The Verve Security Center Apply To?

Verve recently developed a new brochure to highlight what specific NERC CIP version 5 standards the Verve Security Center applies to. The Verve Security Center is a centralized security suite that consolidates multiple best of breed technologies into a unified management console.  We understand the unique differences between traditional IT environments and industrial control systems (ICS) because of our extensive ICS background. For the past 22 years, Verve and its predecessor, Rkneal,  have been focusing on turnkey DCS, PLC and SCADA upgrades within the utilities industry. In fact, the power industry represents 90% of our business.

Verve helps automate many of the requirements associated with CIP 005, 007, 009 and 010. It also provides several layers of evidence gathering. For more information, please download our NERC CIP Mapping brochure.

DHS Report, Application Whitelisting And Patching Play A Crucial Role

Application whitelisting and patch management are just two of the technologies integrated into the Verve Security Center

According to a recent United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) report, application whitelisting and proper patch management mitigate 67 percent of “common exploitable weaknesses in “as-built” control systems.” The December 2015 report, “Seven Strategies to Defend Industrial Control Systems” highlights the rise in cyber attacks targeting U.S. critical infrastructure.

Of the 295 incidents reported to the Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT) last year, the reports cites 98 percent would have been prevented if system owners would have implemented their recommended strategies. As a result, the report details its top seven strategies to protect industrial control systems (ICS) from today’s modern attacks.

“This is the beauty behind the Verve Security Center,” said Adam Brewer, Director of Business Development. “Verve deploys a true defense in depth strategy. In addition to application whitelisting and patching, Verve consolidates antivirus, change management, security information & event management (SIEM), vulnerability assessments, intrusion detection and backup management technologies into a unified management console.”

Since 2009, Rkneal has deployed the Verve Security Center at multiple power plants and substations.