IT/OT Configuration Management

One of the most fundamental elements of cyber security – as well as operational reliability – is the management of configurations on end points.  This includes two key elements:

First, hardening these end points against a set of secure configuration standards.  And second, monitoring for unapproved changes.  These tasks which are relatively straightforward in IT, are much more challenging in OT/ICS because of the large numbers of embedded and proprietary device protocols and interfaces.

Verve brings all of the leading edge capabilities of IT configuration management to OT

  • Automatic collection of end point configuration baselines across traditional IT OS-based devices, Networking devices (traditional and industrial), embedded equipment like PLCs, relays, meters, etc.
  • Configuration hardening for over 25 years on an expansive list of control equipment
  • Integrated change management across IT/OT to simplify monitoring and incident response