As we end cyber security awareness month, our October webinar will focus on how to raise awareness of the cyber risk in your industrial environment. Many people see the threats facing their controls systems environments, but do not know how to best raise awareness and mobilize the organization to act.

In this webinar, we will share experiences in how to create a shared awareness of risks and urgency with IT and OT leaders. We will describe a 60-day process to create a compelling change story using actual endpoint and network information, potential for threats, and possibility of lost revenue.

This “change story” is the first step in gaining buy-in and momentum to build a broader cyber security strategy (which we reviewed in our September webinar…see link below).

Sign up for the webinar to learn:

• How to quickly gather data on potential threats and risks
• How to build a business case of the need to change
• How other industrial organizations raised awareness among broader IT and OT leadership
• Who will likely need to be involved to really make traction

We are offering two sessions for this webinar

7am CT: Register here

12pm CT: Register here