October 19 | 9am-5pm EDT | Virtual

Consequence-driven, cyber-informed engineering is a business imperative – and it starts with implementing the ISA/IEC 62443 series of standards

The UN-endorsed, horizontally applicable series of standards is the world’s only consensus-based cybersecurity standard for automation and control system applications. The developers and thought leaders behind the series will deliver peer-reviewed presentations focused on critical topics, from identifying OT security vulnerabilities to deploying an implementation plan for adopting the series of standards in your facilities.

This rapid-fire, interactive event will harness the best practices and lessons learned from hundreds of end user applications, showcasing the tried-and-true approaches for securing automation and control systems across dozens of industry segments. Sessions and panel discussions will explore the lifecycle of OT cybersecurity projects, along with the roles and responsibilities of end users, product suppliers, system integrators, and maintenance providers.

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