September 21-23 | Virtual

Ignite Talks 2021 will bring together leaders and innovators from technology, industry, and government who aren’t letting a single day go to waste.

Be sure to check out Ron Brash (Verve Industrial) in his session “Responding to Ransomware – How do you Protect your Industrial Control Systems?” on Day 3 of the conference.


Maintaining the integrity of our IT and OT technologies requires our security teams to keep doing the cybersecurity basics, but also requires us to spend our limited resources to make strategic investments in modern techniques and solutions created for OT. IT/OT convergence is not an effort to merge IT and OT, and we need to do more than just copy what we are doing in IT and paste it in OT.

This forum will explore various ICS topics through invited speakers while showcasing current capabilities available today. Presentations will focus on case-studies and thought leadership using specific examples relevant to the industry as we know it, ranging from:

  • IT/OT convergence, not IT/OT assimilation
  • Defensible perimeters between IT and OT
  • Governance and team strategies for OT
  • Secure remote access for employees and vendors
  • Enforcement boundary solutions to identify and contain attacks
  • Building and maintaining asset inventories

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