November 3rd – 4th, 2020 | London / Virtual

Now in its 7th year, the Cyber Senate Industrial Control Cyber Security Europe conference returns as an online event to address the evolving threats to operational technology in the industrial sector. As business leaders redefine their threat intelligence and response strategies to maintain business continuity during these unprecedented times, we are pleased to continue to bring together world-class asset owners and subject matter experts to ensure our community are able to engage in the conversations we so desperately require to keep the lights on.

This year’s show will include topics ranging from IoT Security, supply chain and asset inventory, remote working challenges, assurance and design principles in OT, cloud for operational technology, defense in depth, cyber security for rail rolling stock, maritime ICS cyber security, adapting your threat intelligence strategy, a workshop on “The approach to designing a secure reference architecture to support plant operations and maintenance” and much more.

Presentation by Rick Kaun:

The Evolution of OT Systems Management

Organizations should embrace the concept of OT Systems Management (paralleling ITSM practices) within the unique environments of operating systems. Achieving a mature level of security is critical to improve overall ROI from increasingly connected industrial systems, and to ensure the foundational elements are in place to protect critical infrastructure from targeted and untargeted attacks.

Join Rick Kaun for a discussion around the natural progression of OTSM from basic asset inventory to comprehensive data for effective lifecycle management, risk reduction (from patching to compensating controls) and even contextual risk thresholds (such as calculated risk scores).

During this session you will learn:

  • What OT systems management really is and why it’s critical in OT security
  • How to establish a strong asset inventory as the foundation of your security program
  • How automation, aggregation of data and support for a central, specialized team is the most important consideration towards reducing risk and minimizing cost for OT security going forward

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