March 24, 2021 | Virtual

Networks, infrastructures, factories, buildings… They are now all interconnected. Immense risks and vulnerabilities surround Operational Technology (OT) environments. With the IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things), SCADA Systems (real-time data acquisition and control system), used in distribution – water, electricity, gas – risk factors are increasing and the repercussions of a breach could affect up to the entire population. Take action now for the safety of your industrial environments and critical infrastructures!

When Business Worlds Collide – Balancing Cyber Security and OT

Presentation by Ron Brash

Traditionally OT environments have been isolated, and obfuscated by a variety of challenges including different management paradigms, but also technological challenges. However, with the advent of technology, connectivity, and the proliferation of IT technology being infused into operations or infrastructure this has been an Occam’s razor. Generally, you hear a ton of horror stories about how you can’t patch or secure these environments, and there are some truths, but they are largely myths.

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